Target Market Profile: Red Bull

Target Market Profile: Red Bull’s markets to young urban males ranging in age from 16 to 29 years old. These males live in a constantly exciting, adventurous and exerting lifestyle. They “live life on the edge” or try to and they usually are average build or go to the gym/work out on a consistent level. “Red Bull males” participate in competitive and extreme sports or any other kind of adventurous and recreational activities. Competitive gamers in the video game industry are also gravitating towards Red Bull roducts to keep them alert during tournaments.

Red Bull defines the whole of these consumers as Generation Y because they are not only active males but active students who need the energy to finish projects and study all night. Red Bull also has a vague secondary target market of older consumers in general ranging from 25 to 45years old. Whether this may be a business executive finishing an annual report or a truck driver finishing a long haul anyone can use Red Bull energy drinks. These males come from all walks of life and financial status.

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They live in suburban and rural areas and have different levels of education. They all share physical/mental exertion in common and getting their adrenaline pumping. Positioning Strategy Statement: “Red Bull promises to revitalize your physical and mental fatigue during stressful and straining situations. Red Bull energy drinks will increase your performance, concentration, vigilance and metabolism using health conscious energy-building ingredients. ” Target Market Profile: Red Bull’s markets to young urban males ranging in age trom


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