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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Task 2 – D1   D1 – The psychological effects of computer gaming on individuals and society   Despite what parents and the mainstream media think there are a number of benefits to gaming, these benefits include:   Brain training: Most games tend to have facts about them, which gamers can actually pick up useful facts from.

Examples are when playing Fifa 14 the commentators usually talk about facts statistics of a player or club that are actually true, also they talk about past games such as cup finals or so which are equally real life facts. Another massive example is the game ‘brain training’ on the DS. The age range of the DS is about 7 and up so games like this help with subjects such as maths so as well as educating the gamers their equally having fun.   Hand-eye coordination: It’s reported that games actually improve your hand-eye coordination. It is proved that when playing games a part of your brain, which is involved in eye coordination, is activated.

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When playing a game like Fifa 14 and you want to make a pass you don’t have to look down unto the controller and look for a pass as your brain already knows where it is so it becomes automatic. Hand-eye coordination is used in sporting performance, music reading, copy typing, and even tea making. These skills come from playing games.   Future and strategy skills: Many games equally tend to have puzzles to unlock certain levels or paths to a game. A good example of this is the Assassin’s Creed Revelations, at the end of the game you have to complete a complex puzzle to retrieve the apple of Eden.

This little puzzle gives the gamer knowledge on puzzles. Another example is GTA 5 before you do every mission you have two choices on how to do them you have to figure out which way is better and which way you can achieve the best possible score. Games like these require thinking strategic methods to play.   As useful, as these skills can be there are some negative effects of gaming. These include:   Peer pressure: This is something very relevant to most teenagers. When new consoles are out pressure comes onto certain teenagers who don’t have the consoles to buy them as quickly as possible due to all their friends having the console. Most teenagers will convince their parents to purchase these consoles but others will force their parents to spend money, which they don’t have to purchase the console and the requirements for the console.

   Competitive games: Today there are thousands of competitive games in the world. In addition, with the ability to play millions of people around the world 24/7 365 days a year the competition runs forever. However, competitiveness can bring out the worst in people at times. A good example of this is if a gamer is playing call of duty, team deathmatch and their kill to death ratio are poor, the team can turn against that gamer due to losing the match for them. In addition, competitiveness tends to bring out aggressiveness and anger in most gamers most researchers have found out. An example is when playing Fifa online and a gamer concedes a last minute goal and eventually goes on to lose the game a small percentage of gamers will tend to break or throw something in frustration.

The reason for the frustration is due to that gamer feeling that the could not outdo their opponent when they feel they should and this leads to frustration.   Education: This is probably the biggest concern about excessive gaming. The number of time gamers spends playing games can be too much and will undoubtedly affect their education. The time they’re supposed to spend revising for important exams they can spend playing games.

This leads to failed exams, which means lack of college and university and ultimately low chance of getting a respectable job with a good salary. 

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