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Last updated: September 16, 2019

Team Work – I’ve felt like I work very well in teams, although I do also work well alone, it feels great working alongside people who can help you get a job done efficiently and easily, especially if you grow to like those people which in my past experiences has always been the case; so I’m very used to working with teams.Maturity – I believe maturity extends far beyond what a lot of people would interpret it as. It accounts for more than just not laughing at immature jokes and being able to be professional when faced with a task. Sensitivity and empathy I think are two important traits which come along with the idea of maturity. Sensitivity, of course, accounts for how one talks to others, I’m sure we’re all very tired of seeing staff members on other servers that are there just for the purpose of saying they got a moderator position on that server so when it comes to moderating, they’re very lethargic with their work and can be emotionless when monotonously speaking with you. When I speak to someone online, I make it a rule to be courteous to the person, and when in a staff position, concise with what I say just to make sure a transition can be dealt with quickly and efficiently to suit the player’s needs.

 Empathy is to do with professionalism in my view. When dealing with players, to me, it is vital to make sure that the player gets what they deserve and doesn’t feel like they have been cheated in any way as a server/company this gives players an unprofessional and negligent vibe of the server, which is simply wrong. Being empathetic, I find, not only urges you to listen to everything the player has to say but will usually allow you to realize what should really be done with the situation.Approachable & Friendly – I know when I have been screenshared on other servers I have been greeted by very monotone voices that command to you perform actions like “download this.

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..” and “open up an AnyDesk…” in the most depressing and demotivating way.

It makes you think 2 things: “Why did they even apply for staff” and most importantly “Who actually hires these kinds of people”. At least I think that. It gives a plethora of bad impressions to the player about the staff team as usually, a screenshare is the first time they’ll have a chance to talk to a member of staff in voice.

I feel I’m quite energetic in conversation and friendly to new people, in mundane situations like screenshares I see it as an opportunity to talk to someone new. Of course, not in a weird or personal way but just to make time pass quicker and make screenshares not seen so much of a drag/task to the player that they have to endure but a process that is as painless as it should be as it is a simple check. Professional – Over my numerous staff experiences I’ve gained the knowledge and skills of what it truly takes to be a great and successful staff member. I’ve learned that a staff member should never feel in a position of higher stature to the player. That mindset does nothing but make staff feel superior and consequently feel like their opinion/view to the problem they’re faced with is more credible than that of the player’s. This is absolutely wrong. Given a staff position I don’t feel like I’m superior but an equal. Their perspective on the problem is just as relevant, if not more, to the final solution to the problem.

This does not mean that I cannot stand my ground and tell a player that I can only offer them a solution that they may not be happy with or if they’re blatantly lying to me that I cannot do anything without proof of it as I also believe the ability to stand one’s ground is an important attribute a staff member must have. Trustworthy – I understand that being in a staff position on any server incorporates a lot of trust between myself and the staff team. This, for me, is one of the most important traits to have.

This is due to the amount of responsibility that comes with the role. As a staff member, I can be trusted to be committed to what I do and will prove myself to be someone that can be trusted to make the right decisions in difficult situations. Focused – I believe this to be one of my stronger attributes. When faced with a task I see it through and make sure it is finished to a standard which I can say I am proud of.

As a staff member, it is important not to lose focus. The task, of course, is to make the server a more pleasant place to be and this requires focus (perhaps not intensely) as letting small things such as people being toxic in chat slip past you can make a huge difference on how new (and even loyal) players see the server, their staff team and it’s community. Also as every staff position is different in unique ways, I will first commit myself to learning how the role of staff on Silent will differ from past staff experiences such as small things like what Silent does/doesn’t ban or mute for and for how long etc. but also so I can give players the best advice/solutions for their queries as I can as well as be reliable to the rest of the staff team as nobody wants a member of their team not knowing what they’re talking about.

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