Teamwork Skills

Teamwork Skills Four important skills that will help to create a work environment that great teamwork skills, and each employee is encouraged to work together and participate by giving their input and ideas into the business are: 1. Plan and make decisions with others, as well as informing the leader(manager of certain area of Simply Delicious) of any decisions and ideas employees want put into consideration in helping to further Simply Delicious quality and reputation. 2. Respect the thoughts and opinions of all other employees, whether it be part of the kitchen or front of the shop staff.

. Being able to understand other people, and to work as a team to be able to relate, communicate, and resolve conflict or situations 4. Each employee should want to be dedicated to their job by encouraging not only themselves but also all other employees to contribute to completing Simply Delicious’ goals. Training Program The training programs Simply Delicious has decided to incorporate within our objectives are On the job training and Internship training On-the-Job TrainingOn the job training is a training technique in which employees are given hands on experience with instructions from manager or other trainer. This type of training will allow each employee to gain not only just the communicated knowledge of how each job is performed within Simply Delicious, but it allows for each employee to come into this business and gets trained hands on allowing them to achieve an actual work environment experience. The way I would measure if this training program was successful would be to allow the employee to have a week on the job training.This will give them enough time to learn the basics of their tasks involved with the position.

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It will also show them whether they can handle and work under a certain amount of pressure. At the end of the week, the manager will check in on the trainee to assess how they felt about the training. The manager will find out whether the trainee enjoys this type of work, or if the job is not cut out for them. If the trainee chooses that he or she is enjoying the work training, then the manager will continue to provide the trainer with instructions on how to train the new employee.The outcomes that i want from this would be that it allows the new employees to have a chance and say whether the job is cut out for them. It also saves time and money because it allows for Simply Delicious to find employees who actually enjoy coming into work because they were given a chance to experience the on the job pressure to see whether they enjoyed the job or not, rather than just constantly hiring and terminating new employees all the time because the employee has no idea what the pressure on the job is within Simply Delicious.When the trainee is doing on the job training, they are taught about the importance of teamwork, and Simply Delicious provides knowledge on team building, no discrimination, and encourage participation among all employees within the business.

We train our employees awareness building, and skill building as well. This allows employees to appreciate the capabilities of other employees and the diversity within the business. By doing this, it creates a diverse teamwork environment, where all employees work as a team and encourage one another.Skill building teaches employees how different and unique everybody is, and how important each opinion of an employee is.

Internship Programs Simply Delicious also chose internship programs as training because it allows students from college or universities to gain real-life experience while allowing them to find out how they will perform in work organizations. This will allow Simply Delicious to invite and welcome with open arms students who are attending school, and provide them with knowledge and the work experience they need to have after graduating school.The students will be able to learn different baking styles, manager skills, leader skills, etc while still going to school. We also chose this because it gives students a unique opportunity to work as an intern, and then after graduation to work at this business permanently afterwards. This experience will show students the pressure involved within some organizations, and teaches them the skills they need to have in order to be comfortable working in this type of work environment.The outcome I want from this training program is that it allows fresh college students to gain correct knowledge and experience from these training programs. Also, it allows students to learn new and different techniques, skills, abilities, and duties all involved with working in a high paced work setting. Internship Programs will benefit Simply Delicious because you are inviting in students who are currently attending college.

The student will already have extensive group work and team work building skills, as most school encourage teamwork among students. Trainee Readiness Both of these training programs provide Simply Delicious with the knowledge of the trainee’s readiness, motivation, their skills, and their abilities. By providing these training programs, it allows us to provide the trainee with the knowledge of how important goal setting, individual differences are and how important it is to be able to work in a team environment.Instead of using a negative reinforcement, Simply Delicious will use positive reinforcement; this allows the trainee to become comfortable within the work environment rather than shy away and be uncomfortable. Secondly, Simply Delicious will help to provide interesting and fun instructions for the trainee that will allow them to enjoy work rather than dread working.

This creates a positive behaviours, attitude, and work environment.

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