Technology (Building Information Modelling) is one of the recent

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Last updated: January 4, 2020

Technology is changing every day and it is changing everything around us. The way buildings used to be built is transforming by new technologies. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the recent technologies in the construction field which enables Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professionals to plan and design advanced and complex buildings more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it gives them the ability to manage and control the performance of buildings and infrastructure through their life-cycle.  BIM generates all the necessary information, details, and documents related to the design of a building through an intelligent 3D model-based process. Softwares designed to work in this process, extend BIM beyond 3D by creating new models with additional information, for example time (4D), cost (5D), sustainability goals (6D), etc.

 BIM improves decision making and performance of buildings by enabling the project team to visualize and analyze a project before construction. It also gives clients a better understanding of the project in the early stages. Therefore, the design can easily be enhanced based on the clients’ requirements, reducing the change of orders and the overall cost of the project. It allows owners, architects, engineers, and contractors connect and collaborate easily by enabling them to have access to a shared data model with the latest developed information. Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively and having access to a shared knowledge resource is especially important when working on a massive project. The Turkish company, IGA, is using BIM to build the world’s largest airport in Istanbul. The project will cover 76.5 million square meters and consists of four phases.

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It is a massive project with an aggressive schedule and as a result, tracking the progress in terms of time and cost management, is very essential. With 30,000 people working on the site every day, communication is the other important element in this project. IGA is relying on BIM to make this massive project happen and this is only one example of how BIM has innovated the construction field. In my opinion, the impact of BIM is mostly positive.

It is introducing a whole other level of buildings into the construction world. The benefits of using this innovation are, but not limited to, lowering the cost and the time of construction , reducing rework, improving productivity, reducing errors, improving collaboration and preventing conflicts.

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