Technology skills, creating health risks and destroying our environment.

Technology has changed so much throughout the years. Due to this technology has improved in many ways.

Communication surrounds us as well as social networking. Technology has become a negative impact. Technology has harmed our society by weakening our education/ social skills, creating health risks and destroying our environment. First technology has negatively affected our social and educational skills.

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For example, during school students tend to use their phones during class. When given assignments or homework students find answers on the internet and learn nothing. People communicate with technology which makes it difficult to verbally talk. Mobile devices have become a part of communicating apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Overall technology can distract, affect our learning, and our communication towards others.  Furthermore, technology has unfortunately created more health problems.

There is an increasing body research linking overuse of digital devices to drop in exercise and fitness levels. Also, social media can affect someone mentally, for example, it can lead to a connection of depression, drug abuse, isolation, and suicide. A heart attack is at logy. Major companies cut down trees to build their factories which makes this another problem. The technology we use every day consumes a lot more resources and power, making manufacturing a harm to the environment.  In conclusion, technology has a very negative impact on our society.

Technology can be a distraction and affect our learning. Technology can make us suffer emotionally and tremendously. Also, technology can be harmful to the environment by manufacturing.

In other words, technology has harmed our society by weakening our educational/ social skills, creating health risks, and destroying our environment.risk when using a mobile device because it extends radiation. Therefore technology could make us suffer tremendously physically and emotionally.  Finally, technology is causing destruction to our environment.

Industrial pollution is impacting the air quality, as it releases chemical components and gases. In addition, non-renewable resources including precious metals like gold, are used to make technoology

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