Technology than ¾ of the USA has a

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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Technology is Killing Our FriendshipsBy: Benjamin PearceTechnology is killing our friendships because we are spending too much time on social media and this is taking over our lives. The other reason tech is killing our friendships is because tech is affecting us medically. When we spend too much time on tech we miss out on having fun with friends and family. Also this is a problem because we don’t know how to react to world problems because the only thing we have ever done, is be online. Tech is killing our friendships more than ever because we have had mental issues and health issues.Social media is becoming a big deal and it is affecting us more than ever now. When you go online, the things that come up are stunning statistics.

When I typed this in, I found a stat from “” that “81% of americans have a social media account “which means that more than ¾ of the USA has a social media account. So you ask why does this matter? It matters because the the more you are on tech the more you aren’t in the real world and you aren’t spending time with loved ones and friends.  The next reason, has more reasons on why tech is affecting our everyday lives.

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To add to the evidence that has already been stated, experts have seen a decline in health caused by tech use. According to “”, teens have less self esteem and more anxiety when they use social media. Teen ink Says, ” There has been more teen suicide caused by social media”. There is a TON of evidence that tech is affecting us by not just taking up free time, but causing health issues too. So what? people are killing themselves and are getting overly anxious because of technology. Tech is killing our friendships because it is causing us to kill ourselves and is also giving us lower self esteem. Two of the main ideas is this text are that one, when we spend too much time on tech we won’t know how to live life in the real world.

And second, if we spend way toooooo much time in tech we can also feel like we are not good enough and get depressed and want to kill ourselves because other people have better lives or things than us. So with all this evidence it leads me to believe that tech is affecting everyday lives in a negative way.

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