Torture of countries across the world. Torture is

Torture takes place in as many as 90% of countries across the world. Torture is illegal according to international law, however it still takes place in most countries. It is typically used to acquire information coercively. Torture can be anywhere from excruciating pain, psychological pain, or slow and painful death. Torture leaves people with various mental and psychological problems and it needs to cease. Most people believe that torture gets

How popular with the way our technology is

How to find copyright lawyerFinding a copyright lawyer isn’t as hard as it use to be, not as long as you actually know how to find a copyright lawyer. Today, there are more copyright lawyers popping up than there were 10 years ago. It seems that having a copyright or needing to protect one has become very popular with the way our technology is advancing.¬†One way to find a copyright

Islam: Empire of Faith Part One vocab

muezzin a muslim that calls all the other muslims to prayer five times a day; a quarter of people on this planet recognize this call five times a day 570 ce Muhammad was born in … arabian peninsula where was Muhammad born. .. bedouin culture Muhammad’s parents sent him away so he could get a better understanding of the. .. died when he was young his parents.. . glory and

Poetry terms 5th Grade

repetition the same words or phrases throughout the poem or stanza figurative language figure of speech; writing or speech not meant to be taken literally theme the controlling idea of a poem is the idea continuously developed throughout the poem by sets of key words that identify the poets’s subject and his attitude or feeling about it stanza paragraphs of a poem simile comparing two things using “like” or “as”

Harlem By: Langston Hughes

What was the poem mainly about? a dream What was the writers dream? equality of AA with everyone What happens throughout the poem? it compares thing to a dream, and they get worse and worse throughout the poem define fester decay define sore wound what terminology was in the poem? alliteration, simile and anaphora What was the theme? dreams are always created, but dreams that seem far away start to

Important Poetry Terms

alliteration repetition of consonant sounds, especially at the beginning of words. allusion reference to well-known event, piece of literature, or artwork anapest metrical foot the consists of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed (‘interrupt’) assonance repetition of a vowel sound (‘right/time’) ballad a short narrative poem blank verse unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter caesura a strong pause within a line verse conceit an elaborate metaphor or simile that provides

The scene and emotions at the crucifixion of Christ as a witness

Sixtus and Erato twisted some thorns into a crown, placing it on his head, and dressed him in a purple robe. Shouts and screams yelled “Hail king of the Jews! ” while the rest slapped him in the face. The humiliation and disgrace, the agony he was subjected to, the mere shreds the man was reduced to was all so unbelievable. It was hard to imagine the pain and suffering

Embryos Are Not People Right or Wrong

Embryos are organisms in its early stages of development and by destroying them, most of the population would think that you are effectively destroying human life; however this is not quite the case in many peoples’ eyes. Everyone has a different point of view on the question above; a somewhat conspicuous question leaving the reader with only two choices – right or wrong. Nevertheless, these two outcomes need quite a

The Death Penalty – Is it Barbaric or Justice

How long must we suffer the agony of losing a loved one and losing the right for justice? Recently shadow Home Secretary David Davis said how he felt the death penalty was something which should be brought back. I cannot agree more as the notion of life meaning life is very rarely used and any judge would tell you it is now only in extreme cases that it is used.


For my features, I have selected the Aron Hakodesh, the Bimah, and the Sefer Torah and the separation of men and women. Each of which I believe are very important features of the synagogue. In my opinion, the most important part of the Synagogue is the Sefer Torah or Torah Scrolls. The Sefer Torah is the scroll on which the first five books of the Tenakh are written.These are very

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