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NThe theory of Rayleigh-B´enard convection of a horizontal liquid layer with upper freesurface over a heated plate has many important applicatios in a number of engineeringproblem such as extraction of oil from porous medium etc. The gravitational field on theearth is not constant. It is always fluctuating, this fluctuating gravitational field is calledas g-jitter or Gravity modulation. So, convecion under the fluctuating gravitational field1is a main class of problems which

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7.1 Description of ThreatUsing the cloud to manage data and applications has brought in many benefits to the organizations. While this is a good thing, it has also introduced a new concern which is opening opportunities for hackers to hijack organization’s data for better monetary rewards. While data are managed by the cloud, it means that the data is no longer absolutely safe as they are stored in the cloud

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INTRODUCTIONRoot canalobturation is a procedure in which the root canal space is filled withcanal-filling materials at the final stage of root canal treatment, aftercleaning and shaping. The objective of root canal obturation is to prevent ortreat periapical disease by preventing recontamination by bacteria that mayhave remained in the dentinal tubules or that exist in the oral cavity (Kim, etal, 2017). A threedimensional seal of the root canal system is achieved

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Meta-analysis comparing risk-takingtendencies of male and female (Byrne, 1999) illustrated that male participantswere more likely to take risks than female participants. The study showed thatmale participants lacked discernments in risky situations and tend to take morerisks even when it clearly had negative consequences. The opposite was true forfemales, they were disinclined to take risks even in innocuous situations when thebenefits outweighed the risks. The author hypothesized that the difference

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Fiber optic refractive index (RI) sensors have attracted considerable attention for chemical and biochemical monitoring applications over the past few years due to their useful characteristics such as compact size, high-resolution detection, excellent aging characteristics, ability to operate in chemically hazardous environments, and immunity to electromagnetic noise. Many researchers have tried to enhance the effectiveness of optical fiber RI sensors by improving sensitivity 1, enhancing resolution 2, simplifying fabrication techniques

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The grating is regular space collection of parallel and identical elongated elements. They contain elongated aspects with a perpendicular illustration that are based on the correspondences of different materials. The grating can also come in 4 feet and 8 feet basics. They have panels, decks, footbridges, and catwalks. They are made up of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and FRP. They have parameters with an efficient light meter. Spatial frequency and contrast

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Hydraulic systems and crimpers do veryimportant, very high-risk work. Preventative maintenance on these items iscrucial for safety and reduced chance of failure, which would lead to downtime.Don’t run the risk, check out these tips to stay safe and save money. Hydraulic Hose Assembly PreventativeMaintenanceHydraulic hose assemblies are thelifeline of modern hydraulic systems. They carry fluids under tremendouspressure to deliver power where it is needed. They provide the power to movethe earth,

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Histology is a field of science that focuses ondetailed studies of properties and functions of tissues. It is of importance toconduct research on tissues as they are the building blocks of our bodies, aidin the understanding of evolution, help in preparation of laboratory work inother fields of science and possess the ability to help diagnosis and identifyroles of diseases that affect our communities to date such as Leukemia. TheParaffin Technique

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All in all, nanoscale precious stone particles have increased important consideration as a result of its numerous applications in various fields, for example, atomic attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), sedate conveyance, radiance imaging, detecting, quantum registering, surface coatings, et cetera. There are immense beneficial explanations behind nanodiamonds, nanodiamonds give eminent biocompatibility and minimal cytotoxicity in natural conditions and show remarkable mechanical abilities, which turn nanodiamond as a most appropriate material in

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In this post we learn how to scavenge discarded microwave oven parts for making a useful soldering iron heat controller circuit which can then be used for maintaining controlled heat over a connected soldering iron tip ensuring safe soldering operations, that may be quite crucial and handy if you are working with SMD parts.  By Henry BowmanWarning ! This project could expose the experimenter to hazardous voltage from the high

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