Teen do properly. Sadly, pregnant teens are usually

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Last updated: September 25, 2019

Teen pregnancy tends to make individuals overwhelmed, even if they aren’t the person  who has to give birth to the child. What people fail to realize is,  just because a teen becomes impregnated doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. When a teen becomes pregnant, they automatically feel as if their lives are over.

Most people tend to criticize young, pregnant teens and make them feel like they have to get through their situation on their own, which may cause them to become depressed and the depression could have a huge effect on them and their baby. If you feel alone because you find out you are pregnant, you should not just brush it off your shoulder, but there are 500,000 pregnant teens in the world every year, so that definitely means you are not alone. Every hour about 70 girls get pregnant, so that means 1,700 girls get pregnant everyday. Fortunately, since there has been so many teen pregnancies, there are a vast variety of support groups and organizations that are always there for pregnant teens, who just can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that they are soon to be mothers. Teens who are under those circumstances need all the support that could possibly be given because being a teen is already stressful and mind-boggling, but being a pregnant teen could double the amount of stress on the teen and that could also cause the individual’s health to possibly be at stake. Preparing and getting situated to care for a child is only one of the many obstacles that a young teen has to learn how to do properly. Sadly, pregnant teens are usually between the ages of 15 to 19.

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Surprisingly, teen pregnancies from ages 10 to 14 has had a drastic change over the past decade. At such young ages, the teens barely know how to properly care for themselves. Teens, who give birth at a young age, may suffer from many risks such as: premature birth, anemia, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and a greater risk of cephalopelvic disproportion, which means the child’s head is wider than the pelvic opening. Teens also have a higher risk at death during birth than an older woman birthing a child. Research has proven that the main reason teenage girls dropout out of school is because they have unexpectedly entered parenthood. Teen parents, if they do continue their school careers and graduate, more than likely won’t attend college and it would also be very difficult for them to keep a job. Being able to find a stable source of income for themselves and their child, especially for the first six weeks after they give birth is a problem many teen moms may have to face.

Of course babies are cute,tiny, and sweet, but would you rather be struggling trying to care for a child, or trying to become financially stable enough to have a child and live a successful life, possibly with your husband? Most teen moms end up raising their kids on their own because the father of the child is still young and trying to live the fast life. Realistically speaking, teens never really focus on the outcomes and consequences of having sex at a young age. Teen pregnancies usually occur in households that are broken, which means that the parents don’t usually get along,  their always working, or just not paying attention to their kids. Many teen pregnancies occur within rural areas because the children rarely have anything to do, so they just seek opportunities and activities to keep them busy. Sexually transmitted diseases are high in risk of young teens and can end up being an additional difficulty that the newborn child has to deal with. Being that the teens already have scarce nutrition, their children can be born with low weight, or they can be delivered prematurely.

Juvenile mothers are more likely to use drugs because of stress from the baby and that can cause a higher risk for the child. Before teen mothers lay down and have sex, they don’t think about the child they could possibly be giving birth to, how the baby may need special needs assistance that they can’t offer, and also how they will more than likely be living the life of a single mother.Although there will be comments and criticism from the individual’s family, they should try to stay as close to their family as possible.

Of course their family will make comments that makes them upset, but you have to brush that off because they will be the ones to support you physically, mentally, and financially. Research implicates that teen pregnancy is the furthest thing from easy, but you have to face the consequences. Of course you will feel like the world’s against you, but you just can’t let your situation get the best of you and you have to maintain a positive mindset. Adolescents need to understand that they should not just give themselves because of some “smooth” words that a person uses to try lure them in.

Young boys usually go for a young girls’ shape, or they base their feelings on things that they have heard about the individual. Teens, who have very few friends and are viewed as the shy type, are usually the targeted individuals when an individual seeks someone to engage in sexual intercourse with. Teen boys definitely know how to “talk” to a girl and most girls usually fall for it because they are gullible and if they come from a broken home, then that is a way that makes them feel like someone loves them. Some adolescent females usually get pregnant on purpose because that is another way for them to get someone to love and adore them. Teens who become pregnant weren’t properly educated on the “birds and the bees,” so being that they experienced early pregnancy,they would possibly touch on the matter before they have to deal with a pregnant teen, or with a son that has impregnated a teenage girl. Research shows that there were approximately 300,000 babies born to teenagers between the ages of 15-19 in 2015.

In order to lessen the rate of teen pregnancy, children, who are at least 10 years old, should be taught lessons about sexual education and they should also at least know what the consequences and outcomes of sex may be. If teens are not comfortable with discussing their sex life with their parents, they can talk to health providers, or someone they trust can keep to keep their secrets safe. The health providers will more than likely provide the teens with birth control and that can keep them safe from pregnancy, at least. If you happen to become pregnant before you speak with a health care provider, or that person you trust, they will more than likely provide you with the three pregnancy options: carrying the baby full term, considering putting the baby up for adoption, and abortion. More than likely if you go to your parents about your pregnancy situation they will ask what you want to do, then they might suggest the abortion if you are not sure what to do. Before you talk to your parents, you should consult with someone who has knowledge on teen pregnancy, so you can handle all the criticism from your parents with no hesitation. About 20% of teen pregnancies are planned.

Teens, who plan their pregnancies, usually have their lives planned out and they usually plan to marry the father of their children. It is very rare for a teenager to be proud of having a child. Although they have their life planned out, their children will probably not be a highschool graduates because their child was conceived while they were in the teenage years.

Teens also do not realize that a child can cost thousands of dollars every year and the cost for them living increases dramatically as they grow older in age and size. Keeping your child may be stressful, but getting rid of your child could be even more stressful. If you get rid of the child, you will probably be depressed, only because you took the life of a child that you created yourself. Before thinking about an abortion, you should consider adoption if you do not think you can handle caring for a child for the next 18 years of your life and theirs. Teenagers who have jobs, graduate high school, or become married before having a child has less of chance to experience poverty.

Not only should the teenage mothers be aware of the consequences they have to face, the teenage fathers should know that they have to be financially stable to take care of a child too because if things do not work out between them and the mother of their child then they’ll be stuck paying child support until their child gets out of school completely, which also includes college. Before they even think about having unsafe sex, they should think deeply about their future and about the things they may have to halt, or never be able to do, if they help make a child. Being that most pregnant teenagers come from broken homes, before they decide to give birth to their child, they should understand that the father is not likely to stay, especially if the pregnancy wasn’t planned. With a child living in a broken home, they tend to turn to other alternatives to find the “love and attention” that they hope to come across. The teens shouldn’t make their child suffer and not have their mother and father in their lives because they can cause them to do things and they will more than likely be dealing with a pregnant teen also. Even if the two teens stay together, they’ll more than likely get a divorce and that would cause even more hurt and pain on the child because their parents were together for along time.

Also, before the child gets old enough to understand the problems of their parents, the mother can possibly endure postpartum stress disorder, which can possibly cause them to put themselves and their child in a whirl of danger. To sum it all up, teens should really take a deep look into teen pregnancy before they consider getting pregnant, keeping their child, giving the child up for adoption, or getting rid of their blessing.

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