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Last updated: July 25, 2019

Telecom companies are offering new plans for the day.

While Idea has introduced a prepaid plan for Rs 93 to give competition to Jio and Airtel, now Jio has now changed its Happy New Year plan to make it better for the customers.Reliance Jio has upgraded its Happy New Year plan. Under this, users can recharge their one GB data per day with a recharge of less than Rs 50, or you can get 50 percent more data per day in this 1 GB old plan.What’s the new plan for Reliance Jio’s Happy New Year:For information, please let us know that these new recharge plans will be available for users from January 9, 2018.Jio’s 199-rupee plan offers will now be available for Rs 149. At the same time, instead of Rs 399 for 70 days, it will now get Rs 349. The company will get a validity of 84 days validity of 459 rupees for the users in 399 rupees. Similarly, the plan for Rs 499 will now be available for Rs 449.

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What’s included in the second offer of Happy New Year Plan: Under the second plan of the company, users will get 1.5GB of data per day instead of one GB. If you were getting 28 GB data in 198 rupees then now users will get 42 GB data.

At the same time, the validity of 70 days was Rs 398, where users were getting 70 GB data and now they get 105 GB data. The company has also extended its validity of Rs 448, which has 84 GB data and has also made 126 GB data. Also, with a validity of 91 days validity of Rs 498, where 91 GB data was available, users will now get 136 GB data.Idea introduced a prepaid plan of 93 rupees: Idea recently launched a plan worth 93 rupees.

It provides users with unlimited STD and local calls as well as one GB data for 10 days. There is no free SMS or unlimited data offer in it. Along with this plan, there is a capping of 250 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week. A call will be charged for one paisa per second after this limit.What is Reliance Jio’s plan of Rs 98: Reliance Jio is offering unlimited local and STD calls (including roaming) in its tariff plan of Rs 98. In addition, unlimited high-speed data is being provided under 140 Free SMS and 2.

1 GB Fair Usage Policy. This plan of Geo will come with a validity of 14 days.Airtel’s 93-rupee plan: Airtel’s 93-rupee recharge plan will give customers unlimited local and STD calls (including roaming) and one GB data for 10 days. In addition, 100 packs of free SMS will be available in this pack.

The company has said that this recharge plan can be used for 2G, 3G, and 4G smartphones. 

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