“Temples Ancient Greek culture consisted of strong believes in

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 “Temples featuredproportional design, columns, friezes, and pediments, usually decorated withsculpture in relief.” These are all things and elements which contributed inthe ancient Greek architecture: of which took an immense part in giving thisparticular architecture its uniqueness and its distinctive character.

 Ancient Greek architecture consisted of mainlythree different styles which was what made them different and gave it itsparticular beauty. These were: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. There’s orderswhere distinctive from each other by various elements, among these includedmainly the shapes in the columns and decoration of the frieze.Ancient Greek architecture were influenced by numerousideologies and culture. Ancient Greek culture consisted of strong believes inreligion and worshipping gods and goddesses. Therefor architecture had to bebig, unique and beautiful to be worthy of the gods and goddesses. Strongbeliefs in religion led to the development of temples people in that particularera took religion as a serious thing which then led them to wanting a placeworthy for them to worship their god and goddesses.

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This then established theidea of creating temples. Greek architecture mainly consist of buildings oftemples, theatres and stadia. These were particularly influenced by religion. Entertainmentand beauty. These buildings has had massive impact in the architectural worldwhich are still considered astonishing and admiring pieces of structures, whichis why to this day we try to preserve these structural pieces.  Anotherthing which influenced Greek architectures was its culture indeed.

As you couldsee in certain structural pieces we can see ‘relief’ (which in Greek termsrefers to a method of sculpting where figures are partially or completelyattached to the stone behind them) these relief structural designs usually tella story and/ or demonstrates pieces of the ancient Greek culture. Overallancient Greek architecture was in influenced by a variety of religion,entertainment and culture of the time.As we all know Greek architecture is considered beautiful bymany, its uniqueness, its art and its very language is something that hasinfluenced us in the past and still does till this day. Ancient Greek cultureflourished from its main land which was Peloponnese, the Aegean Island and itscolonies in Anatolia and Italy in the period 900bc until the 1stcentury AD with its earliest architectural works from an estimate of600bc.  Throughout this essay I will beexamining into detail the development of how Greek architecture was introducedinto our life’s, and the massive impact it has on our modern day a variety ofelements has taken an immense part and has become essential when it came to theinfluence of the Greek architecture- which then lead to the development ofdifferent styles and the ionisation of temples.

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