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En este trabajo se quiere realizar un final alternativo para el libro “El perfume “de Patrick Suskind

Grenouille un d�a despert� sinti�ndose diferente, ya no quer�a seguir escondi�ndose del resto de los seres humanos as� que decidi� dejar de caminar de noche y emprendi� de nuevo su traves�a de pueblo en pueblo pero esta vez lo hac�a a la luz del d�a dejando que las personas vieran su cara y aplic�ndose un poco de su perfume con olor a humano para no pasar desapercibido.A pesar de que

Tomas Garcia Preneste.

1.- El proceso modernizador es trascendental en el desarrollo del Estado chileno porque transform� la mentalidad de la clase dirigente. Esta transformaci�n es de car�cter global, que afect� tanto la econom�a, la sociedad, la cultura y la educaci�n siendo esencial en el desarrollo del Estado de Chile. Elabor� un programa de reformas con el objetivo de terminar con el r�gimen autoritario y conservador, y remplazarlo por uno m�s tolerante y

The Convergence in External Morphology of Sharks

The convergence In external morphology of sharks, penguins, and porpoises Is attributed to selection pressures that are common to these groups Genes that are located on the same chromosome are all of these An incompletely dominant gene controls the color of chickens so that B produces black, Ebb produces a slate-gray color called blue, and ebb produces splashed white. A second gene controls comb shape, with the dominant gene R

Sport Science Essay

Write a report Select three Joints. Shoulder Joint (Ball and Socket) Elbow Joint (Hinge) Wrist Joint (Condoled) Discuss the description of the movement at each Joint action for the ideal performance of the over hand volleyball serve. Ball and Socket: When preparing for a volleyball serve, the right shoulder joint is primarily used. The shoulder Joint is a third class lever operating on the humorous bone, which Is held in

Should School Counties Provide More Buses

The county should provide the schools with more buses. As the amount of students in each school Increases, the bus rides are made longer with all of the bus stops that are added. Many parents are not able to drive their children to school and depend on the buses to take them to school and drop them off on time. Long bus rides come with unsteady schedules and wont let

Selfie – short film – plot structure

The Plot Structure The short film “Selfish” is set in a square in the US, on that very special Valentine day. The film started with a young man sitting by himself, surrounded by countless couples who were happily celebrating their loves. At that very moment, he spotted a girl who might be Just as lonely as he was, because she, after asking a girl to take her picture and being

Argument About Global Warming

Self-Assessment Letter Instructions In an informal letter to me (typed, grammatically correct, etc. ) Answer these questions: *Note: You MUST have examples from your work to include in the answers of these questions. Absolutely NO blow-off answers like “l think I did a good job of describing the scene,” and then leaving it at that. Please respond honestly and constructively to each question. This letter should be at least three

Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity Lab 1. Yes, our relative humidity was different for the two locations because the temperature in the building was lower than the temperature outside. 2. The psychrometer has a “sock” on the bulb of the thermometer. You get the sock wet and twirl the thermometer around for 30 seconds. If the temperature dropped then you spin it again for 15 seconds. Then you subtract the temperature of the

Effects on the Body During Motion

Muscle and joint actions both affect the performance of a discus-athlete. Various types of joint actions and muscular actions can take place once when the movement is executed by the athlete. As an example, a discus-thrower usually activates the horizontal abduction and the horizontal adduction during the preparation or execution phases of his/her throw.The ground contact of the discus-thrower is very important as it keeps the thrower’s center of gravity

The Structure of Spoken and Printed Words

Phonemes The speech sounds that are used to distinguish one word from another in a particular language. Vowels These sounds are made when the air leaving your lungs is vibrated in the larynx but then has a clear passage from the larynx to outside your mouth. Consonants These speech sounds are made when the airflow is obstructed in some way in your mouth. Syllables Is the basic phonological unit of

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