Test: Chinese and Japanese Poetry

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
lu shih
Chinese, parallel couplets, same or different, doesn’t usually rhyme

Japanese, syllables – 5,7,5,7,7 , pivot – image and emotion

syllables – 5,7,5 , just an image, moment in time, doesn’t directly say what it is

seasonal word, noun usually, doesn’t specifically say the season

a change in direction of a poem, from emotional to imagery or vise versa

The Book of Songs (Shih Ching)
oldest collection of Chinese poetry, compiled around 6th c BC, 305 poems, themes = farming, love, war

T’ao Ch’ien
one of the finest Chinese poets, one of the first masters of the shih

Li Po (Le Bo)
one of the most talented poets of the T’ang dynasty (shih form), verses described as romantic, imaginative, playful

Tu Fu (Du Fu)
one of the any talented poets of the T’ang dynasty (shih form), known for craftsmanship and command of the language, more serious

Ono Komachi
Japanese, women, beauty and strong personality, wrote tanka about passion and energy

Ki Tsurayuki
Japanese, credit in assembling the Kokinshu (1100 poems), est tradition of Jap literary diary

Priest Jakuren
Buddhist priest and tanka poet, beautiful and melancholy imagery

Matsuo Basho
Japanese, greatest haiku poet, poems about natural beauty of his travels and simplicity encouraged by his faith (Zen Buddhist)

Yosa Buson
Japanese, second greatest haiku poet, poems reflect romantic view of Jap landscape, wonder and mystery of nature, also a painter

Kobayashi Issa
Japanese, haiku’s about the appreciation of hardships of common ppl, essence of daily life in Jap, compassion for less fortunate, talent not recognized until after his death

(Confucius) official Chinese state doctrine, more social philosophy than religion,moral nature of social relationships, respect/obey ppl of authority

2nd century AD, life on earth is filled w suffering and is characterized by illusion, appealing to chaotic era

(Lao Tzu) relation of humanity to the larger world of nature, humans as one of the many manifestations of nature, on equal level w other creatures, live simple lives

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