Texas lot more developed and get more equipment

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Texas as changed a lot from the 1900’s but the most noticeable change is in agriculture. Agriculture has been one of the biggest changes especially how more efficient we get things done then from now. Most farm tools in the 1900’s were simple hand made and crafted from iron, and metal. Working with them was often slow and took up time and also Injuries were common. The beginning of the 1900’s most farmers still using saws, hoes and, shovels and other hand used instruments the quality of these tools was improved due to the growth of the steel industry. The United States was the largest producer of steel by 1900 making tougher hammer and shovel heads, sharper saw blades and other sharp instruments that cut through dense brush and thick roots. Compared too now were we have tractors with air condition and at the press of a button you can have something done for you.From back in the 1900’s were if you wanted something done you had to do it yourself.

When we went from the steel plow to a tractor that does everything for you instead of putting in work. The population of Texas grew rapidly from 1,591,749 in 1880 to 2,235,527 by 1890 and reached 3,048,710 in 1900. Which meant we also had to produce more food to provide for the family’s and the farming practices and to get a lot more developed and get more equipment with a lot new technology to keep up.  Next is the United states the farming in agriculture has changed a lot from the to now.

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 The migration of people from the west coast has made farming easier from better soil. The fast Migration of people throughout the United states meant we have keep up. The population has changed from 1900’s Total population: 75,994,266 farm population: 29,414,000 farmers 38% of labor force, Number of farms: 5,740,000 , average acres: 147 from now Total population: 261,423,000 farm population: 2,987,552 farmers 2.6% of labor force Number of farms: 2,143,150; average acres: 461 irrigated acres: 49,404,000 (1992) 

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