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Topic: EconomicsBanking Analysis
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Last updated: September 21, 2020
If Tx were a nation it would rank
8th in the World
best known forms of Government
states control economic activityrejects free enterprise and capitalismshould not have social classes
Majority ruleselect canidates to represent
King or Queen leads the nation
Ruled by one
Ruled by few
Theocracy aristocracy Oligarchy Military
ruled by many
DemocracyConstitutional DemocracyParliamentatarian MonarchyFederal Republic
The U.

S. has two forms of Government

The Federal Republic and Constitutional Democracy
Branches of Government
Executive BranchJudicial BranchLegislative Branchsystem of Checks and Balances
Executive Branch
PresidentVice President
Judicial Branch
Federal Court systems
Legislative Branch
SenateHouse of Representives
The Flag

  1. Red represents valor
  2. White represents purity
  3. Blue represents justice
  4. 13 stripes

National Anthem
Star Spangled banner by Francis Scott Key
Pledge of Allegiance
The Great Seal
A Bald Eagleolive branch-peacearrows- military strength“E Pluribus Unim”meaning “Out of many, one”

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