That all men are created equal

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Reading the statement and referring to all the evidence, I find the quote very, very hypocritical. It was only applied to the white people of America. The negro population was treated as if they were not humans. They were like outcasts and misfits, beaten and violently abused by their white owners.

They had no privileges. Voting rights and education were only a few of the things that blacks were deprived of. The atrocious behaviour of the racists soon brought a confrontation. Peaceful protests and marches were held in around 1955 to stop the racial tension between blacks and whites.Martin Luther King used non-violent resistance, a tactic that he advocated during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Blacks all over America used non-violence to protest against racial discrimination and inequality.

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My first piece of evidence shows the inhumanity of slavery. Father Josiah Henson was a slave who escaped to freedom in Canada. He told the people of the inhumanities and ruthless aggression him and his innocent family faced at an auction. His brothers and his sisters were all sold to different owners.His mother was then finally sold to a white plantation owner called Isaac Riley of Montgomery County. Young Josiah was then auctioned to the buyers.

His mother pleaded with Riley to buy her son so that she could be close to at least one of her children on the plantation. She begged. Her arms around his knees. Instead Riley brutally Assaulted her with kicks and blows to the face and body. She was eventually forced to obey and crawl away from him. All ready from the first piece of evidence we have witnessed an aggressive form of racism. Negro families were brought from Africa against their own free will.Cramped into soiled and poignant slave ships.

On arriving they were auctioned to rich plantation owners wanting workers for their fields, they were checked and bought like livestock. Families were split up as you can see in the Henson situation. The mother was also mistreated.

She pleaded at least to see one of her children grow into an adult. How dare a man bruise her because of this and her colour! She was helpless, only a feeble woman. Yet the man took it in his authority to do so. Does it not say in the statement.

.. “, That all men are created equal. “This is not shown at all in the passage and the statement is completely false. Imagine that your family has been dragged away from you. Your mother beaten. My point precisely.

They suffered only for the colour God made them. Whips and beats were only the outside problems. The emotional stress of not seeing your family is even greater.

The Henson’s experience all of these. The next evidence is about the ill treatment that young children and teens were exposed to. Following the Supreme Court decision that all schools de-segregate with deliberate speed was met with some opposition in the Deep South.In the year of 1957 nine negro students were subjected to fear and harassment.

One of the nine, a female student called Elizabeth Eckford told of how she was spat upon and threatened by the national guard who was supposed to be protecting her. They refused for her even to enter the school doors. President Eisenhower was then forced to sign the United States Marines in, to enforce the court ruling and safety of the nine students. Another young negro girl was also entered into an all white school. She tried to ignore the mob screaming and shouting racist insults.She looked into the crowd for a kind face. Seeing an elderly woman she smiled, only to receive spit in her face.

The hatred these young children faced would be enough to traumatise them for life. A young girl that was vulnerable to the mob was preyed upon. The child could grow up learning to hate whites or not be proud of who they are.

A member of the public spat upon Elizabeth Eckford. No one should be in this position, especially if it ‘s about your race. When adults are mistreated it’s bad, but when children are, it’s just worse. This determines that the statement is utterly false.For a black man or woman in the south, registering to vote was an act of great courage. Fannie Lou Hamer tried to register in order to become a 1st class citizen, and as a result getting fired from her place employment where she had worked for over twenty years. On her return home registering to vote she was arrested at Winona, Mississippi.

She was taken to a cell where under the supervision of a white highway patrol man, two black prisoners beat her with a blackjack. During this time she tried to protect her left side as she suffered from polio, as she was a child.The statement has not been applied to this paragraph either. The suffering and sacrifice this woman made was for just trying to vote in the country that she belonged to.

I find this piece very upsetting as a defenceless woman was beaten upon by two of her own kin. Just because a white patrol man said to. The statement mentions… “With certain un-alienable rights And that among these is life, liberty.

.. ” “Un-alienable rights” are mentioned in the quote. This woman should have right to protest, freedom of speech and the right to vote.She has the freedom to think or act without being constrained by necessity or force. It is a basic right any of the political, social, and economic rights belong to all people. Mrs Rosa Louise Parks action started the bus boycott in December 1955, when she was asked to give up her seat in the black section of the bus to allow a white man to sit down. She refused and therefore was arrested and brought to the trial on December 5th 1955.

As a result, the black people of Montgomery refused to use the public transports provided. This lasted approximately one year.Because of the economic efficiencies and the intervention of Martin Luther king the government finally de-segregated the transport system. Still the statement has not been shown. Instead a woman has been picked on for her colour. Rosa Parks realised her rights and stood up for her self and by this one significant act, managed to de-segregate the transport system.

Once again her rights were ignored but her fortitude and the intervention of people like Martin Luther King saved at least some of their dignity and justice. In the conclusion the statement is flawed.How true is this statement regarding events in America.

It’s not true at all; the treatment of blacks in each piece of evidence has shown despicable acts of cruelty for example the separation of the Henson family, the treatment of a young child and the torment of Fannie Lou Hamer. Whether your skin is black, white or brown, is no matter. It’s your inside that really counts.

And so from all that has been discussed it is quite apparent that part of the constitution given in the form of a quote was not representative of black people, especially in the southern states of America.

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