The a joint problem-solving room. Ury’s five ideas

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

TheBook Getting Past No, the author Ury presents to the world theBreakthrough Negotiation ideas which can be used while dealing with difficultnegotiators. While dealing with such negotiators the main goal is to convertthe party so that the negotiation becomes a joint problem-solving room. Ury’sfive ideas suggest that, following these strategies would result in grabbingthe best negotiating deal.Firststrategy, Go to Balcony – It says view the negotiation from a differentperspective of a third-party onlooker. By doing this the distance of youremotion is separated from the negotiation.

Never decide on the spot; alwayswithdraw, even briefly, to review the settlement objectively.Secondstrategy, Don’t Argue – When this is implemented properly the party isentitled to take your side. Ury suggest several attributes to follow; Listen tothe party and acknowledge which would convey them that you are understandingtheir viewpoint. Create a positive atmosphere by saying YES. Avoid usingthe word BUT and instead use “YES, AND”. Maintain the voice tonewhich is the most important attribute as a negotiator.Thirdstrategy, reframe – This is the most important suggestion which Urymakes; following properly will make the deal making parties more interested inyou.

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Asking WHY and WHY NOT questions will make a fair attempt toput your point of view. Identify the problematic behaviour and try to deal itin a tactical way.Fourthstrategy, build them a golden bridge – remove the common obstacles tomake easy and best negotiation. The best way to get the negotiation done is byinvolving the party in framing the agreement. Ury also says that, ensure thatyou are not in the hurry of making the engagement.

Enough time and space mustbe given to make a fair deal. Wait till all the issues has been discussed andagreed upon.Fifthstrategy, Power to Enlighten – This is the extension of the previousstrategy. As a negotiator you should prepared to teach the other party in caseof lack of knowledge. He says, “Instead of using power to bring your opponentto his knees, use it to bring him to his senses”. When it is time you need toeducate and reveal your BATNA.

Also, you should remind the opposite party thatyou are not trying to win but trying to find the best workable solution.Ultimately,Ury reminds of building the bridge on both parties’ interest. A negotiationshould not destroy a relationship nor fight nor destroy. It should be usingshared resources in achieving the best outcome with main goal of maintainingthe relationship pillar.

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