The a massive impact as they showed that

The Declaration of
Independence was a document written by Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding
Fathers, as a statement to the United States of America, the King of England,
and the rest of world. The messages that were written throughout the document
had a massive impact as they showed that the United States of America were
reinstating their independence, but through a eloquent, well written way.

The Declaration of
Independence stated to the world that the British colonies in America were no
longer under the control of Great Britain. This meant that these colonies were
now completely independent of outside rule which is then justified later, as
Thomas Jefferson writes that if a group of people are declaring their freedom
and independence from another group of people then the reasoning behind it must
be explained and declared to the rest of the world. The reasoning behind this
would be not only to show the mistreatment from Great Britain and making them
look bad, but also to display the United States in a good light and make the
newly independent colonies look strong and brave.

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The Declaration of
Independence then defines the role of a government and what a good government should
do, again further portraying Great Britain in a negative light, which overall
is to protect the rights of the people of the state. This is because, according
to Thomas Jefferson’s writings in the 


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