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The Berlin Wall has always stood as the most dominant symbol for the Cold War, and the building of this structure marked a pivotal point in this war.  The Germans created this wall with the  purpose of detaining Western people, “fascists” as they were called, from entering and influencing the German socialist country. After the end of WWII the future of the fallen German country needed to be decided, and the Allied forces decided to split the country into four separate sections. The Soviet Union was given occupation of the Eastern part of this divided nation, and the Western section went to the the Allied countries. A similar scheme was designed for the Soviet city of Berlin, with the city being split into four parts and the East going again to the Soviets and the West to the Allies. This division of the city was the reason the Berlin wall was created, Germans wanted to keep Western people from crossing into the Soviet section of the city. There was already a huge layer of tension, as would be expected, between the Allies and Germans following the latter’s defeat.

The idea of Westerners living within one of their major cities created a large feeling of resentment from the communist Germans, and they took all allowed measures in keeping the westerners out of their sectors, but both sides were still allowed to move  freely between the sectors.  This tension between the two hemispheres of the city basically summarizes the entire Cold War, which was an extreme feeling of hostility between the two armies. The possibility of another war had both sides of the war on edge, neither relaxing but neither making any actual moves. This feeling continued for about a little over a decade after the original division in 1945, then in 1958 both sides seemed to experience another round of acute unease and tension. In 1961 there were more Germans crossing into the West than ever, reaching up to 2,400 refugees leaving the East side of Berlin in a single day. The German government was extremely aggravated by this fact, and that year they ordered the building of the infamous Berlin Wall.

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This cultivation of the Cold War made it essentially impossible for the average German citizen to cross into the Western sector, and vice versa. There were only three allowed passageways between the wall, and pretty much only officials or diplomats were allowed through. This tension and Cold War insanely continued for another 28 years, and the wall was kept in effect that entire time. In 1989 however the tension between the two forces had diminished severely, and on November 9th of that year the Communist Party announced that all citizens were free to cross the border of the Berlin Wall. The two million people of the city rejoiced immediately, because this reunification ended almost 50 years of strife and hostility between the two countries. People were finally given the freedom they had been longing for. Nothing better represents the motif of the Cold War then the building of the Berlin Wall, it was the physical embodiment of the tension and separation between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies.

Its destruction meant a new age of peace and freedom for the citizens of Berlin, and in the grand scheme of things, an end to the overlying tension of the whole Cold War.

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