The a place that is the most attractive

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Last updated: May 8, 2019

The aim of this thesis was to analyse the factors ofvilla tourism in Northern Cyprus and worldwide, as well as also to provide abetter understanding of villa tourisms motives and effects on North Cyprus andits economy. According to the theory, the main decisions on having a villa, isfor future retirement and investment purposes. Moreover the main reasons canalso be different depending on the individual’s lifestyle. Therefore to gain aclear understanding of all motives and reason can be divided separately on pushand pull factors. Push and pull factors of tourism are based on a research onindividuals motivations, which encourage them to move away from their home country(push factor) to a certain destination, a place that is the most attractive toan individual (pull factor). For example my family and me emigrated to NorthCyprus(pull factor) from London( (UK) (push factor) ten years ago as we wereattracted to the safety, beauty and quality of lifestyle.

The result show that when an individual thinks to buyproperty overseas, the main push factors are escaping from the stressful citylife, retirement, for senior citizens the need to get together with family andspend more time with children and grandchildren, to provide a healthy safeenvironment for the children, leisure and recreation and finally capitalinvestment for the future. However i think the major role in their decision isin the place of residence Tourism experts have determined the key factors fortourists to choose North Cyprus is the natural attractiveness as to why theychoose this destination and not any other country with a similar climate. Themain pull factors also occur as the main features are: investment for thefuture, attractiveness, tourism geographic position, political, legal andsocial stability (economic growth), ecological environment, favourable attitudeof local people and the authorities towards vocational foreign residents. Asone respondent said: “when we came to North Cyprus for vacation for the firsttime, we really liked this place and decided to buy a property here. And thosefactor such a value for money, climate, place of location- everything isperfect for us”. Indeed, one of the direct resources that largely determine thechoice of location for the holiday home is the price and the quality of theproperty itself. Some of the elements themselves do not attract vocational residents;however they affect the choice of the second homes location. Those indirectresources are: political, legal and social stability, safety, favourableattitude of the locals and the authorities towards vocational foreignresidents.

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These resources affect the choice as well, but they are not thatclear at the first glance.Tourism of villas ismostly the choice by foreign visitors to North Cyprus. The reason behind is it’sthe price-performance, understanding, tourists get a good value for the pricethey pay. The villa on rent is all set and ready to accommodate, villas are anideal and flexible option during a tourists visits. More reasons as statedearlier, once again include the villa coming with a built in private swimmingpool, private parking lot, fully furnished kitchen and a large size garden andbedrooms, more than enough to accommodate a young large family with children.

By this way, villa tourism is one step ahead of hotel tourism, but the downsidecan be intimidating for the property owner. As providing , maintenance andmanaging the property(such as monthly bills) is not only expensive but thephysical responsibilities  of  keeping the property clean and well managedcan be stressful and tiresome especially for more elderly individuals, as incomparison to the ownership and responsibilities of a single or double roomwithin a building. Yet still the renting costs of villas are valuable for thevisitors and good value for money. Villa tourism in North Cyprus is a valuableand smart choice for visitors. The villa tourism trend shows no signs ofslowing down and it’s predicted in the coming years and generations ahead itwill only continue to grow stronger

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