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Last updated: April 13, 2019

 The United Kingdom, has diplomatically recognized the SouthSudanese independence act, and their official state, since it’s initiation onthe 9th of July, 2011. The United Kingdom, has been a significant ally of SouthSudan over the past 7 years, in terms of military, economic and social andhumanitarian context. However, in no way, can the delegation of the UK, endorsethe behaviour of the South Sudanese government, considering its ongoing CivilWar, which has been severely mishandled, by South Sudanese administrativeforces, resulting in the death of an estimated 300,000 individuals, of SouthSudanese origin, mainly civilians or belligerent peacekeeping forces, deployedby the UNMISS, with the death toll constantly rising. The dire social andhumanitarian crisis that South Sudan, is facing, makes it an urgent issue forwhich the UNSC has to find a solution, before chaos breaks loose. The Delegation of UK, believes that the South Sudanese Civil War,being an ethnic battle between two major Nilotic tribes, of the Dinka and theNuer, makes it an even more sensitive issue considering that the UNSC has tomake an unbiased decision which would reach a consensus between the two, otherwiseleading to civil conflict, as in the past, more so, being fully aware that thepresent South Sudanese government represents the majority, Dinka tribe, whereasthe opposition party is massively represented by a segment of the minoritygroup, the Nuer.

In a situation, where one class of society feels unfairlytreated, or under-represented than another, it is necessary to make a decision,regardless of the opinion of the delegation in question, knowing that they havetheir government’s best interests in mind.  First and foremost, it is necessary for the committee to outlinethe major issues that it needs to tackle, that being the question of the extentof administrative control if the government, and its authority of militaryforces, as well as the unfortunate humanitarian crisis, of human rights abuse,of the South Sudanese civilian population, which faces major atrocities and warcrimes against them, being helpless due to the inactiveness of the state, aswell as certain acts, purportedly being committed by the state. What began as a peaceful protest by the opposition, to make surethe voices of a minority group was not shut out, has turned into a massacre,resulting in the violation of these minorities, and their rights, which thedelegation of UK, will strive against to stop.

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Furthermore, the involvement ofbelligerent military forces, of the SPLM – IO, has resulted in the situationworsening, making it an all out war. A major issue, that is responsible for nofeasible solution being proposed is the lack of data, and research byindependent or governmental organizations, due to a lack of media in thenation, another social crisis needing to be solved immediately, an oppressionof speech.     The Delegation of UK, believes thatto solve the crisis, the UN needs to establish an agenda for the state of SouthSudan, as well as construct a peacekeeping unit within the territory of SouthSudan, near the Upper Nile region, concentrating its efforts on saving andprotecting civilians, and then should look to dissolve the animosity bydiplomatic negotiations and efforts by holding joint meetings with members ofthe two belligerents.

 To come to such a ceasefire, it is necessary for the members ofthe UNSC, to make a conscious humanitarian and economic effort towardsindividuals of South Sudanese origin, in their countries, as well as promotingawareness regarding the crisis, amongst their own citizens, which the UK hasbeen doing for a long time, and will keep continuing. It is necessary fornations to also provide economic backing to the UNSC to fund its ongoingefforts in the region, and should look to solve the crisis by using diplomaticties with administrative forces, to hold talks and conferences, with bothparties to stop the situation from worsening.  Finally, it is quite important for each member state to put an endto the human rights violation in the territory, by investing in their ownhumanitarian agencies to allow them to work for these helpless civilians, whoselives have been distraught since the crisis began.

It is utmost importance foreach member to be aware, that support has to be provided without expectationsof return, rather to stop the crisis from exploding into a war. The Delegation of UK, will look to support any and all peacefulsolutions proposed, in all ways possible as long as no class is benefiting morethan the other, seeing as it would be in the best interests of maintainingpeace and stability in the region, and looks forward to constructive debate inthe council.  

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