The abuse through conflict theory, we see that

society issue that I would do research on is child abuse. The reason that I am
pick this issue is the that child abuse needs to be stopped. The children cannot
stop it alone. The theoretical approach I would use is the Social- Conflict approach.
It provides the structure needed to study conflict between dominating and submissive
groups. The conflict approach is important because it helps to understand the
discrimination these children are facing and where the discrimination stem from. Conflict theory argues that males are still considered more
superior than females. If the father is abusing the child, the power that the
father holds the mother could not step in to help the children. At the risk of
the mother getting abused too. The approach agrees that the power is used to
maintain inequality. The child cannot fight back against the unequal power their
parents have over them.
According to Karl Max, subordinate groups are aware that they are being treated
unfairly. Children know the abuse is wrong, but they don’t have the power to
change it alone. Focusing on child abuse through
conflict theory, we see that if more people recognized the conflict between
parent and child as very strong, there is a likelihood of forced change. Children
who are not properly treated for the abuse can suffer the after-effects of
dealing with other social issues. Some issues that children may encounter
throughout life from untreated abuse are inadequate education, personality
disorder, PTSD, substance abuse, incarceration and homelessness. Also leading
to the child facing many more conflicts throughout their life. The
social injustice of abuse can stick with children throughout their lifetimes.
Conflict theory offers us a viewpoint that we can view these problems through
and devise interventions that will lead to change. Conflict theory argues that
groups are constantly fighting for power, once they have the power, other
groups often feel that they are treated unfairly. Conflict
theory also helps us to see how unequal power distribution affects children
heavily. The values of social work correspond very well to conflict theory,
allowing us to use this theory to develop interventions that can make a
difference. Through conflict theory we see the power difference between parents
and children, and we can focus on policies and values that prevent parents from
misusing their power. Viewing it through conflict theory, we see that child abuse
stems from the power parents have over their children. They take advantage of
that power and use it in the worst way.


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