The Adventures of Odysseus: The Blinding of Polyphemus

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: The Adventures of Odysseus: The Blinding of Polyphemus The creative art piece of The blinding of Polyphemus is one that tells a story without the use of words. Firstly, on the horizon of this piece are a number of ships. These ships illustrate the ships that Odysseus used to visit the island. Moreover, their presence acts as evidence that the scene of these events was on an island.

The presence of other boats on the sea indicates an area that is full of activities. Secondly, there some stones arranged on the painting. The artist, to represent a cave, uses these stones. In the story, Polyphemus dwells in a cave on the edge of the island. Additionally, the cave occupies most part of the painting to symbolize that the large size of the cave. It symbolizes the selfish nature of Polyphemus, who occupies most of the island without being mindful of others. On the front part of the artwork are a number of animals.

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This includes several goats and sheep. The artist uses these animals to symbolize the main activity of Polyphemus. According to the story, he took his goats and sheep to graze in the fields every morning and brought them back in the evening. Moreover, the artist draws them in the cave to illustrate that these animals lived with Polyphemus in the same cave. There are several men drawn on the painting.

They represent the men who accompanied Odysseus to visit the cave. The artist draws them as being in motion. This is because after blinding Polyphemus by use of an arrow, Odysseus and his men fled from the cave immediately before Polyphemus could reach them. Odysseus, with the help of his men, stabbed Polyphemus on his eye after he killed and ate several of his men. Moreover, there is a large man drawn on the shores of the island.

This man symbolizes Odysseus, who was responsible for the blinding of Polyphemus. He depicts him as holding a large piece of rock while passing a certain message aloud. According to the story, Odysseus announced his success of blinding the gigantic Polyphemus while stating that he was a strong man. On the front part of the artwork is an enormous man. This man represents the famous Polyphemus. The artist illustrates him as one who is lying down. This is because, according to the story, Polyphemus lied down after Odysseus gave him some strong olive wine that made him drunk. On the painting, he seems to be in pain.

This is after being stabbed on his eye with a sharp arrow. Moreover, he is on the front part of the painting because he is the main character in the story. He is a giant who dwells and reigns in the island. On the painting, he is tied on a post in the cave. This illustration is similar to the set up in the story. In the story, Odysseus ties him after getting drunk in order not to render him powerless. He can no longer harm anyone in his state.

Viewing this valued piece of art was an extremely exciting experience. The painting is not only a classy piece but also one that the artist has put a lot of effort to achieve. The story is an ancient yet famous one and having the opportunity to view this classic painting was a valuable experience. The painting is a cultivating piece of art that I now appreciate more after viewing it in the flesh.

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