The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: The Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act is a law that was passed to towards the improvement of health care of the American citizens.

The law increases access to health coverage. The act also introduces new polices that protect citizens with health insurance. The core aim of the legislation is to improve the health care systems in America. The law was passed in the month of March 2011.

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This was done by the U.S. Congress. The Affordable Care Act was a compilation of the Public Law 111-148 and Public Law 111-152. The creation of Public Law 111-148 brought into existence the Patient and Affordable Care Act. The Public Law 111-152 had a legislation that was passed in 2010. This was the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act.

A timeline of nine years was given for the full implementation of the law into America’s health system. The full implementation will see more than ninety-five percent of American citizens receiving medical coverage. The act addresses various components. One of these components is provision of quality and affordable health care.

This particular component deals with the changes that are to be implemented by the health insurance companies. These companies are to protect their clients from any from of discriminatory services. The companies are also to avail adequate information to their consumers and better preventive coverage. This particular aspect also ensures that the citizens that do not have insurance coverage yet have pre-existing conditions receive an insurance coverage. The act also provides new insurance exchanges.

This will make health coverage affordable. The act also covers the role of public programs in improving the health sector in America. The act sees that recipients of aid from Medicaid also extend to the non-elderly. This will include those citizens whose income is below the Federal Poverty Levels. The law also sustains the Children’ Health Insurance Program.

The government will ensure that it maintains funding into the program for an additional two years. The act also seeks to close the Medicare prescription donut hole. This will involve discounting the pharmaceutical manufactures and rebating Medicare beneficiaries who get into the donut hole. The act also improves the efficiency of health care. The congress seeks to reinforce the Medicare program. This is to affect the elderly in particular.

The law added twelve more years to the program’s trust fund. This will see to it that they continue serving the senior members of the community. The bill also ensures that the Medicare program experiences a shift. The elderly will now pay for quality of the services and not the volume.

The act also ensures a just payment system towards private plans in Medicare. The law also has provision for the implementation of changes towards service delivery in the health sector. The law addresses the issue of shortages in the health work force. The government will invest in strategies that expand the health care force. These strategies are like scholarship and loan repayment programs. The law also seeks to have transparency and program integrity.

The bill ensures that relevant information is provided to the consumers. It also brings down fraud practiced in the health facilities and insurance companies. The act improves access to innovative medical therapies. The law has provided a pathway for approval of new versions of biological products that previously existed. The law also addresses community living. It has made long-term support by the Community Living Assistance Services and Support to be more affordable. The law has made a provision that ensures that the citizens with severe diabetes remain in their homes.

The bill also has revenue provisions that help in catering for the costs of medical services. The government has achieved this by putting financial reforms in the health care systems. These reforms are like increasing Medicare tax for the individuals who earn more than two hundred thousand dollars. The government has ensured that it has revenue provisions that are balanced and geared towards bending the cost curve. The bill closes unintended tax loopholes and encourages tax compliance. The implementation of the act has been spread within a timeline of around nine years.

The government has a framework that gives the guideline towards the achievement of these goals. Most of the implementation is to be done by the states. This will be effective because of the federal system of states where resources have been distributed to the individual states.

The implementation will involve the states’ enrollment experience, culture coverage, a new marketplace for and health care work force development and care delivery processes. Apart from the above activities, the states will also be required to carry out prevention and wellness, governance and financing review and leveling the playing fields for health plans. The Affordable Care Act is a step the government took towards realizing holistic development of the federal state. Human labour is the most important resource that a state has. The development of the state is therefore influenced by the well-being of its citizens. Development of the human resource is synonymous to the state’s development.

The Affordable Care Act seeks to avail one of the basic needs to its citizens. The act of reducing the costs needed to secure a medical insurance coverage will ensure that more citizens will have access to better medical services. This will influence the state’s mortality rate. A healthier nation will focus its resources on the development of other sectors like education and infrastructure. The nation will also have a better work force that will subsequently lead to an increase in the country’s output. The government of America undertook a noble task in the passing the Affordable Care Act.

This nobility is seen to a greater degree in the government’s commitment to the act’s full implementation. Reference List Office of the legislative counsel (2010). Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Retrieved from

pdf Schmidt, P. L. (2011). Medicare and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Hauppauge, N.

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