The Alcohol. Swot Analysis show that their strength

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Last updated: July 13, 2019

The main significant feature of the Dabbawala is building trust that runs along in their system , this is actually targeting the Employees who find it hard to go back home for lunch in their free time , as this is more time consuming and by this they miss the yummy food of home and they have to buy much expensive food from restaurants , so the purpose of Dabbawala is to provide them good fresh food by providing Employees what they actually need at the right time with best quality . customers are getting two basic benefits by this , reduced cost and time saving. If we talk about how they make their customers is by word of mouth and secondly diversity .By diversity we mean taste and people’s preferences this may include cultural dishes too .Now what is their hiring criteria ? They usually hire friends and family members and also the people sharing same kind of language or culture and also their employees were not very educated because their slogan is commitment matters not the qualification of a person.

They have performed really Good in team work scenario by motivating each other and also identifying problems and providing solutions as early as possible. They have white uniform with caps, also identity cards are compulsory and also at the time of working hours-no Alcohol. Swot Analysis show that their strength is the team work , honesty and customer satisfaction also their commitment , service delivery of six sigma. if we see about the weakness obviously one of the barrier is low education and also their dependency upon the local train service. Looking towards the opportunities they can expand in other areas too and also they can increase the menu items for gaining more customer’s attention and also can generate much revenue by sponsors and using other brands names. Threats are that many other can copy their idea by adding more beneficial feature by small restaurants and fast foods.

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Much other things are described in detail in the case .Heading towards the conclusion , it seems very difficult but yes Dabbawala are working without ausing any kind of technology or social media. Still they are able to maintain best supply chain , due to uneducated people they don’t even know that but still Effort is appreciative because still they read the code and deliver accordingly. Their behavior and service quality is very good.

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