The all have occurred since 2001, with 2016 being

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Last updated: November 5, 2019

The overall temperature of the planet is rising. As NASA – Climate has said, “16 of the 17 warmest years in the 136 year record all have occurred since 2001, with 2016 being the warmest year ever.

” Temperature of Earth is rising, and it will continue to rise. As it rises, it also warms the water which carries a huge impact with it. Warmer oceans greatly increase the possibility and severity of tropical storms.Hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth.

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Climate change is greatly affecting the severity of those hurricanes and is making them more violent as time goes on. But it’s not just hurricanes that are getting more violent, it’s all storms, in particular its tropical storms.. As NASA – Hurricanes has said, “Hurricanes (also known as tropical cyclones) are formed when warm air rises from the warm water and creates an area of lower air pressure below. The higher air pressure winds push into the low pressure air and also becomes moist and warm and too begins to rise. The surrounding air swirls in to take its place.

” The warmer the water is, the easier it is to warm the surrounding air, and it becomes easier for the formation of hurricanes. As a direct cause of that, tropical storms are becoming much more powerful and frequent.Rainfall is becoming less frequent on land. This could create droughts in some parts of the world and make it seem as it rainfall had actually become less frequent overall. In reality there is more rainfall than ever, it just doesn’t happen to be falling on land.

Rainfall is taking place over bodies of water and it is becoming much more common for large hurricanes to form. The rainfall is taking place in a prime setting directly over large bodies of warm water and is acting as a jump start for the hurricane and making it form much quicker and much larger.Storms are changing.

They are becoming more powerful in many ways. Satellites have been watching the Earth for many years now and some conclusions have been made about climate change because of them. A study made over a timespan of 2 decades, now shows that hurricanes actually intensify and achieve category 3 wind speeds at around nine hours faster than they did in the 1980s.

In addition to that, another study, also taken over the duration of 2 decades, shows that wind speeds on an average day have increased by around 5 percent. In the last 25 years water vapour has become 4 percent more prominent in the atmosphere. What that means is storms are not just becoming faster and more frequent but they are also becoming significantly more wet. As NASA – Earth Observatory has stated “76 percent of weather stations in the United States have recorded that there has been significant increases in the amount of “extreme precipitation” since 1948.” One analysis found that extreme downpours are happening 30 percent more often. Another study found that the largest storms now produce 10 percent more precipitation than they used too. This increase in the severity of storms will greatly affect the way all of us live our lives.

Major storms can cause unbearable winds, mass extreme flash flooding, and tornados isolated to small specific areas. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria left a surprising few number of people dead. The total deaths of those hurricanes is totaled at 103.

Although few people died, the estimated damage costs of that hurricane season in 2017 was 200 billion US dollars. That hurricane season was the second most expensive season the US has ever seen with a fraction of the amount of hurricanes. Both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma lasted 17 days and started within 3 days of each other. Before now that would have seemed absurd. These hurricanes lasted longer and were more powerful than anyone would have thought they would be. Earth is greatly affected by global warming and climate change and if we don’t do something to stop it life as we know it could be completely redefined in the next 100 years.

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