The all the rules and regulations for immigration

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The difference of the immigration act of 1910 and 1967.How it improved Canada by making it multiculturism and diverse.            The planet we live in is a place full of policies and regulations in where the government plays a great role in, such as immigration.

In history, Canada legally allowed immigration was in the year of 1910, and the process was not simple because it was based on the document, which contained all the rules and regulations for immigration to happen. The second time that the immigration act was examined was in 1967 and that was when phenomenal changes were made to the immigration system. In my opinion, the changes that were made in the Immigration Act of 1910 in 1967 were great and made Canada more diverse and multicultural.

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The change of the immigration act made Canada great because firstly fair chance’s, secondly freedom and lastly socialization. To start with, equality is an international issue that every day there are people fighting for independence and rights whether it by protesting or finally standing up for their rights. The idea of equality is spreading around the globe.

When it came to the immigration Act of 1910 situations were really different because it really didn’t allow immigrant’s fair chances. For example, only individuals that were allowed to enter Canada was white people, and only with the exceptions of some Asians that who had different policies and which were strict (We Are Canadians, pg 17). This move was really disrespectful the other religions had been neglected, just because the government thought that different colored people are not to follow Canadian policies. Whereas, in 1967 the Immigration Act changed this policy and all religions were allowed to immigrate, due to the point system which could not really deny anyone for a valid reason (Immigration Regulations, Order-in-council PC 1967-1616,1967).

The immigrant system in 1967 required individuals of any race, to earn at least fifty points, these points could be earned by education, occupational skills, employment, prospects, age, and how much proficiency in English or French the individual has, and lastly overall their personal character. The immigration act of 1967 just based on the point system made Canada more multicultural. Also, In 1910 if white farmers did want to enter the country of Canada it was required that they do bring twenty-five dollars, in contrast, Asians were required to bring two-hundred dollars and only Asians which were allowed to do this were the ones who were planning to return back to China after working (We Are Canadians, pg 18 and Immigration, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21).  In 1967 Canada was focused on the economics of the country. The two changes led to more multiculturalism in North America because the nation was no longer just ruled by english people and due to the economic reasons, it allowed people of different races to enter Canada and make a change in this nation. In conclusion, the changes allowed a fair chance to all races of different kinds and their entrance to Canada was not based on money, but more on an individual’s skills and personal character.

      Secondly, many individuals living under bad term and conditions whether it be inequality or living under the state of a war. Despite the fact that immigration was an option, but not for everyone .At the Immigration Act of 1910, the new  Prime Minister was Frank Oliver that who set very strict rules and some of the rules are not letting in unwanted people that were considered a different race,  some other reasons which classified individuals that are unwanted were medical problems, poverty, and moral attitude. In addition, immigrants of the Asian race or other races that are not white were neglected to get be accepted to enter Canada. That included refugees, a category of immigrants.

For example, during the year of 1914, a ship full of Indians, named Komagata Maru were refused to set step in Canada (Canada’s immigration history one of discrimination and exclusion article, The Star). The refugees had come to find a new way of life, and to seek freedom. The Prime Minister only wanted to bring people who were white, highly educated, the orphaned children only from the United Kingdom, and immigrants which could speak English (We Are Canadians, pg 17). After along, in 1962 immigration act it was stated that Canada was now had a multicultural policy, and with some work, the four classes of immigrants were established in 1971. The four classes of immigrants are refugees, family, assisted immigrants, and independent immigrants. Additionally, when the Immigration Act was reconsidered in 1967, the immigration officers focused more on the skills which the immigrants had to offer to Canada. A new door opened for many people to lead a better life and settle down in a friendly Canadian area. On the other hand, in 1910 the Immigration Act only allowed and advertised individuals to apply for immigration to enter Canada.

  When the new Immigration Act of 1967 was established it was possible for many families to immigrate, in other words, family sponsorship became a popular choice. For families to come together to Canada, there had to be an individual already present in Canada, for them to apply their families to apply for family sponsorship, and it was very hard because that both sides had a fair amount of money, because the process is expensive until to the present day. One advantage is that the family members did not have to apply for a point test (We Are Canadians, pg 21).The act change was made to ensure that everyone had the good and safe life.  In conclusion, freedom to live freely without any fear of getting treated badly. Lastly, in the present society socialization has become such a part of our daily life because talking to people with people perspectives, views, beliefs and gaining more knowledge about things you don’t know. In the year of 1910 when immigration act was established only a some of farmers were allowed to immigrate to the country of Canada in that point of time.

When people who have the same work occupation tend to have a lot in common but there was a lot of competition and there not really gaining much knowledge by just competing. Throughout time the immigration system changed, during the revision of the Immigration Act of 1910 in 1967 it was told that individuals who could provide any skills and occupation for Canada could be allowed the opportunity to immigrate. It was a year of change as I previously stated everyone had equal rights. Due to this change, the new immigrants of Canada got the chance to learn about things they never knew before about different occupations, religions and much more. Socialization is the key, without it, you would be just living in this bubble that will be unpoppable, and it’s a skill to be able to talk and communicate with others amongst you to learn many skills and learn about other beliefs.

Similarly, when the document was created in 1910 in addition to skills, money was the biggest factor which determined your stay in Canada or not. Additionally, if a farmer wasn’t doing his job properly and wasn’t earning enough many, the immigration office had every right to deport them out of Canada. Further along in 1967, it all changed. Since there were more different views and perspectives of just the farmers throughout socialization some people legally and illegally got paperwork done from people with different occupations which allowed them to stay in Canada and all other members from back home to Canada.When it comes to multiculturalism, socialization allowed interaction between people all around the world. In conclusion throughout socialization, immigrants had many benefits which helped them.

 To conclude, the act of 1910 was a disaster because it neglected many people that were not white. The immigration document was revised in 1967 and the Immigration Act of 1967 was established, it opened a door of hope for many individuals and families. In my opinion, this is accurate because it allowed fair chances for everyone, the right of freedom and lastly, a way to socialize which leads to connections and new relationships between many people. In addition, when Pierre Trudeau becomes Prime Minister he made a multicultural policy.It meant Canada would respect all cultures, languages, customs, and religions. Immigration is such a huge deal that it helped many escape bad conditions whether it be war or lack of money to a Country that they have a future.

It has allowed people to start a new beginning and get new opportunities to get an education, work and earn money, and lastly, live in a place where respect is talked about so much. Canada becomes such a multicultural nation that it has become so popular to study about other races, religions, and ethnicities around you. As it is portrayed in Canada, together we make a family 

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