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The Importance ofInnovationEPORTFOLIOBY: Enio BicokuKey Concepts : DevelopmentRelated Concepts : ErgonomicsGlobal Context : Scientific and technical innovation : adaptation, ingenuity andprogressStatement of Inquiry : Applying scientific information when designing and adaptingproducts can help to improve a user’s experience.

Factual:1. What is the study of ergonomics?2. How do products progress over time?3.

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What is meant by iteration in Design?Conceptual:1. What is adaptation?2. How does innovation impact our environments and vice versa?Debatable:1. Can we ever fully “optimize” our innovation?TASKThe student produces an ePortfolio that follows the design cycle to develop a solution (or rangeof solutions), which demonstrates the impact of environments on human activity, and or howhumans adapt environments to their needs. The students should integrate ingenuity, progressand/or adaptation in their planning and solutions.Students must target one of the following audiences/clients:• Infants, children and/or teenagers• The environment (microcosm, local and/or global concern)• Pets or animals• Communities / Organizations looking to adapt their environmentSuggested solutions may be, but are not limited to, the following ideas:• Repurpose an existing product taking into account environmental benefits• Animal nutrition or care• Redesign a space by creating a digitally rendered CAD/CAM to address an existingenvironmental concern• An animation which explains the need for environmental concern• An interactive application which measures an environmental impact• An edible food utensil and/or packaging which highlights the reduction of reliance uponunrecyclable materials• Ethical and/or principled food products such as eating invasive species• Textile based products which incorporate recycled materials• Multipurpose or transformable household / homeware products which adapt yourenvironmentCriterion A Inquiring and AnalysingThe ProblemOver the past year Sauku has been populated more than ever before, and inthe case of Sauku there have been built so many vila complexes with pools and greatinfrastructure. Because of that the impact of the environment hasn’t been great andthe whole nature side of many locations in Sauku has been destroyed. Since thesecomplexes like ‘Rolling Hill’ and ‘Long Hill’ have impacted the environment and theydon’t provide any ecological aspects.

These are a very big environmental concern forspace and renovation since Tirana doesn’t provide many green environments we musttake actions to make these complexes of houses better for the environment. This willaffect global warming, and possibly even the nature of our country. ‘WAT’ (WorldAcademy of Tirana) is a green school and hence I feel the need to spread the greennature of our culture to the newly built complexes.Area of Interest and AudienceMy audience will include the Albanians who live in these neighborhoods andcan’t frequent green spaces because of the often use of cement.

There are many issues with these complexes like environmental problems andglobal warming.ii. Priorities and ResearchQuestion importance Priority SourceWhy is GlobalWarmingDangerous?Understanding thecritical problem ofglobal warming10 https://www.ucsusa.

org/our-work/global-warming/science-and-impacts/global-warming-impactsSolutions for globalwarming?Creating an idea of apossible solution byresearching ways toimprove8–bM-jYNryEaAm8vEALw_wcBWhat is anecological house?Understanding themeaning of ecologicalhomes7 do we meanby an eco home?The meaning is just asimportant as theunderstanding7

69i57.1099j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8What are theelements of an ecohouse?To build an eco housewe must outline aseries of elements10 is natureimportant to theenvironment?Crucial to the goal ofmy project8

cfmIs AlbaniaEco-friendlyIt depends on theenvironment of thecountry as a whole toachieve the complexesfull potential throughecosystems5 to becomemore eco friendly?By using the tips onthe website I cancreate a better house asa product6 Of InterestThe area that I am focusing in is concentrated in architecture and the buildingof a eco house. Hence according to my research here are some elements that I will belooking at to create a great product and solution to this issue:Resource:

au/services/eco-housing-principles/? Breezeways and natural convection? Open design for flow-through ventilation? Well-orientated living areas? Low impact housing footprint? Outdoor spaces connecting to main living spaces? Drought tolerance? Adjustable shading devices for solar protection? Wide eaves for controlled solar protection? Large covered decks/terraces? Inclusion of solar heating, water tanks and greywater recycling systems? The inclusion of light coloured surfaces, particularly roofs? Adaptability and accessibility for aging/less mobile residents (optional asneeded).BrainstormingExisting Renovation PlansEco Elements: GoodDesign: Great but hardNature: GreatArchitecture: GreatColors: GoodThis small house is a great versionof an eco house, yet I don’t thinkthat I can properly create acomplex house like this one.Eco Elements: GreatDesign: BadNature: GoodArchitecture: badColors: badThis other house is built to be a sustainableeco house although I don’t really like it thatmuch mostly because the lack of color andalso the architecture isn’t that creative.Eco Elements: GreatDesign: GreatNature: GoodArchitecture:GoodColors: badAgain this house isn’t as complexas the other two but it’s still aversion of an eco house that Ilike but the colors could bebetterSources:https://www.theguardian.

com/sustainable-business/sustainable-eco-houses-around-world Examplesi. Design Cycle Criteria B: Developing ideasa.

I will create three different models of an eco houseb. I will sketch them and add them here on the docc. I will create design specificationsd. I will make a final sketche.

My final sketch will be added heref. The sketches won’t have any colorsg. I will own a hard copy of the producth. The sketch final sketch will be a 2D digital versionPHOTOS :i. Design Specification for the Sketch and Final DesignAesthetic – Tree house- Wood- Nature- Greenery- Earth Colors- Bohemian style- GreatCreativity – Colored Wood- Plants inside- Trees inside- Balcony/Patio with plantsColors – Earth colors- Brown- Blue- Green- Pale Yellow- Dark brown- Dark Green- Dark Yellow- Dark BlueElements of Design- Balance- Space- Color- Texture- Proportion- Perspective- Emphasis- Movement- Pattern- Repetition- Rhythm- Variety- Harmony- UnityQuotes – No Quotes or writingElements of Art – Color- Form- Line- Shape- Space- Texture- Value- Two dimensionalii. Develop a range of feasible design ideas, which can be correctlyinterpreted by othersSketches and IdeasDesign 1Pros: nature, wood, earthyCons: near the forestDesign 2Pros: small, protected fromthe outsideCons: no sun, not muchnatureDesign 3Pros: natureCons: basic, too smallSince there are three designs I send out a google form to check which one was the bestdesign:People chose the first design. It is very beautiful and original.

Also it follows all th. Ofcourse that will be just a sample on the final design. The sketches that weren’tchosen by the audience won’t be used at all. Meaning that I will entirely choose one ofthe sketches rather than mixing them together.Criteria Progress:iv. The requirements for the creation of the chosen solution.a. I will create three different models of an eco houseb.

I will sketch them and add them here on the docc. I will create design specificationsd. I will make a final sketche. My final sketch will be added heref.

The sketches won’t have any colorsg. I will own a hard copy of the producth. The sketch final sketch will be a 2D digital versionC: Creating the solutionAction PlanTask Description Resources Needed Date PlannedChoose adesignUse thedescription ofeach sketch tocreate the fullproduct- ThisdocumentDecember 13Final draft ofthe chosendesignCreate the finaldraft of thedesign- ThisdocumentDecember 13Find an app tocreate thesketchResearch skillswill beimproved here- SearchEngineDecember 13DemonstrateskillsTakescreenshots- Screenshots- appDecember 14Start creatingthe final designTakescreenshots toshow progress- Screenshots- appDecember 14Upload drafts Uploadeverything here- ThisDocumentDecember 14Finalise theproductUploadeverything hereand annotatethe finalproduct- Paper- Screenshots- ThisdocumentDecember 15Reflect andevaluateRead criterionD- Criterion Ddescription- ThisdocumentDecember 15Bibliography Cite theresourcesusing MLA- Easybib- MLA- ThisdocumentDecember 15Upload tomanagebacCheck forerrors convertit to word fileand upload thefinished designand report tomanagebac- Managebac- Word- ThisDocumentDecember 15Solution:I created the sketch of a house which could later on be turned into a housecomplex where this house is repeated since most of these complexes are created withthe same pattern of designs being repeated over and over again to form theaesthetic. The repetition of the same elements over and over again will createbalance, aesthetic of colors, proportion since all of them will have the same size, andunity because all the houses will be grouped although this will not include varietysince the whole complex will have to look the same.

I also created solar panels to addthe feeling of an eco friendly system.This solution will help Albania as a whole since after this we will be able tohave more green spaces and therefore contribute for a better world and no globalwarming. I believe this is the right way to present a possible solution since how a daysthe statistics are rising very fast and the progress is very slow and we as a generationwho will continue to live in this planet must raise awareness and create new projectsto save our world.Design Cycle D: EvaluatingI chose to present the appearance of my product by creating a survey/google formsince it is the best way that gathers up the data quickly and forms graphs for it.I will ask my classmates to complete another form again so I can evaluate the qualityof my product.

Final ResultsAccording to the final surveys people liked my product and its quality overall. Iam very proud of how it turned out in the very end. Now that I am done with thisproduct I can say that I believe that it is a really big contributor to the current globalwarming problem. Because of that creating Eco friendly houses might improve that ingeneral.The danger won’t be gone or reduced with a simple solution like this one but Ibelieve that small changes and simple steps can lead to a healthier world and a betterfuture for the future generations.

This solution will be improved if I had the ability to fully design a 3D version ofthe house and maybe even a real model. By creating it I developed my creativethinking and communication (surveys) which are very important to the ATL skills. Ialso developed the ‘caring’ IB learner profile since I was invested into creating aproduct that would improve our world.My audience was impacted since all of them helped with their surveys answersto create this original design. This project helped me to get a better understanding ingeneral of the product and overcome challenges such as digital drawing and progressthe skills as well. I would chose to present all the information in a presentationmaybe in the future while more statistics and ideas could be added to complete thefinal product.Works CitedWhat Is an Ecological House? – Google Search ,


1099j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8.Why Is It Important to Care About the Environment? , Italian House ,

“10 Amazing Eco-Friendly Houses.” 10 Amazing Eco-Friendly Houses | OVO Energy ,www.ovoenergy.

com/blog/green/10-amazing-eco-friendly-houses.html.”Eco Friendly Houses.” Eco Friendly Houses ,

“Eco House Designs by Eco-Architects.” Dion Seminara Architecture ,

“Eco House Designs by Eco-Architects.” Dion Seminara Architecture ,”EcoAlbania – Environmental NGO.” EcoAlbania , www.ecoalbania.

org/en/.Henley, Will. “Eco Houses around the World.” The Guardian , Guardian News andMedia, 12 July 2013,www.theguardian.

com/sustainable-business/sustainable-eco-houses-around-world.Howard, Brian Clark. “18 Small Green Homes.” Popular Mechanics , PopularMechanics, 14 Nov. 2017,

Jensen, Kris, and wikiHow. “How to Be Environmentally Friendly.” WikiHow ,WikiHow, 30 Oct.

2017, “Justdiggit – Schep Mee Voor Het Klimaatherstel .

” Justdiggit ,–bM-jYNryEaAm8vEALw_wcB.Nursey-Bray, Melissa. “Impacts of Global Warming.” Encyclopedia of Global Warmingand Climate Change , doi:10.4135/9781412963893.n329.

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