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The two careers I would one day like to do and learn more about is photography and graphic design. These two stood out to me, because I always enjoyed taking pictures and graphic design is something new that I just picked up on and found very interesting. I believe that most people who choose photography as a career path are people that see everything differently from everyone else. For example to be a great photographer your work has to stand out from everyone else’sFormal education is not required to become a photographer, but you will need training. Many photographers get degrees in photography, or at least take many classes in photography.

Through education, training, or experience, photographers need to learn about equipment, gain technical skills and understand design and shot composition. Depending on your specialty in photography, other classes may be helpful. Photographers get jobs through their portfolio- an example of their best work that they can show to potential clients. Business Skills: Independent photographers need skills to bring in new clients, meet with people, talk with customers, as well as run their own business, keep records and keep expenses in check. Photographers are also extremely good with computers and different editing softwares, this is because they sometimes have to touch up photos.According to the BLS, photographer jobs will grow at a normal speed between 2010 and 2020 this means that photographers jobs are going to be more plentiful. As well as knowing how to use and care for high-end camera devices, photographers also understand the wide variety of photo editing and photo equipment available.

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There are many kinds of photographers depending on what you like these different photographers include portrait, commercial/industrial, aerial, scientific, news, fine arts and university. Some photographers are even self-employed and  work to gain new business this is impressive because your building from ground up something you can be proud of. The median hourly pay for photographers in 2010 was $14.00 this isn’t all that bad, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

  For every job the employment trend is different some jobs increase year to year in employment or they could decrease in employment trend year to year but it depends on what kind of job you’re looking for. Some jobs are harder to get than others because it depends on the demand in the profession. The employment trend is important to look at because it tells you when it’s the right time to apply for the job you want.

These are all things to keep in mind when applying for the career you want.  For Movie Directing the employment trends through 2018 is expected to increase 1.1 percent at a steady pace in Pennsylvania. That isn’t a huge increase compared to other states like Connecticut which has a 5.2 percent increase. It’s also not the lowest like Alaska which has a 0 percent in change.

The base year employment isn’t the biggest either if you want  to be a director i would not recommend the state of Philadelphia so I would have to move to a place where Movie Directing is a more successful career. The state with the highest employment trend is California which has an employment trend of 33,600 and is expected to increase in 2.7 percent. So if you’re looking to be a Movie Director move to anywhere but Philadelphia. That is the employment trend for directing and also the projections for 2018. Another career that I want to be in that has something to do with digital media is movie directing when I choose to look for a solid career this is the one I would choose.

For example it is a stable job and an exciting one. The reason why i’m interested in being a movie director is because I love to watch movies and break them down. Every time I watch a movie I try to figure out when certain cameras are used and why for example if the camera was expensive or not. Also if anything could’ve been done better and what I would’ve done if I was the director of the movie. I also love bringing out emotion in people like laughing, crying, fear, I believe that if you can bring someone’s emotion out with your movie then it will probably be a movie that the audience will enjoy. That is my career choice for digital media and why I would love to direct movies.Directing and producing is not a very easy job it takes a lot of dedication to be able to get good at it. So to make it in the film industry you will have to put in the time because if you don’t then you will not succeed.

If you are producing the film then the hours are pretty much up to you because you are the one making the film or video. But if you are just directing the film then you will have to show up to set at the times given to you and that could be whenever. The median pay for being a producer and/or director is 34.11 dollars a hour or 70,950 a year. That’s pretty good pay compared to most other jobs outside of digital media. How far you go in this career like I stated earlier all depends in how much time you put into your work but that really applies to anything you do. If you’re looking for this career then you want to move to California because that’s where you’re gonna find the most jobs openings.

In the beginning of most producers/directors career they might have to have their own gear but once you proven yourself you most likely will be supplied with equipment by your employer. You don’t really need education to begin in this career it will most likely help you get a job but you don’t need it.Furthermore I could be a director of photography which puts both of my desired careers together.

For example a Director of Photography is the head of the production team and is responsible for the the film’s Director. During the pre-production phase, the Director of photography works with the Movie Director on the editing of scenes that involves things related to framing, camera positions and movement, lighting, and the technical requirements to translate a script and storyboard into images on film. If the film has a large budget there may be a Lighting Director who works with both the Director of Photography and film Director. Sometimes, it is the Director of Photography who is responsible for lighting a scene and working with technicians on indoor and outdoor scenes.

The Director of Photography chooses the look, feel, and mood of a shoot through lighting. This includes the use of table lamps, candles, lighting fixtures as well as movie stage lighting. The Director of Photography often operates the camera as a cinematographer unless the team already has a camera operator. Operating a camera requires composing the image,adjusting focus, exposure, use of filters, and when needed audio level settings if not done  by a sound person. This is something I would like to do someday because it seems exciting and very fun so I’ll never hate my job.

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