The Analytics Consulting Internship would provide me a

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Last updated: August 20, 2019

The Analytics Consulting Internship would provide me a great opportunity to apply the skill set that I would have developed through the MBAN program and help to further broaden my analytical abilities. My goal would be to intern with the marketing department of one of Sauder’s top industry partners. I wish to work in an environment where I can design and implement various analytical models to study consumption patterns and trends. I would ideally like to intern at a retail industry based firm as this sector is on the cusp of being revolutionised by big data analytics through accurate demand forecasts and predictive pricing models.

 I believe that I would be valuable asset for the partner organisation. Using my advanced data management and analytical skills, I would strive to provide new insights into various aspects of business. Also, I would leverage my prior experience of handling marketing and sales leadership roles to formulate a practical action plan, based on data insights. Finally, my experience of working with both small and large organisations (including an international work stint), would enable me to quickly adjust to a new work environment and deliver tangible results within the 3-month internship period.

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