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Last updated: June 15, 2019

 The Digital revolution is picking up speed every day, it’s disrupting many industries, and the media industry is no exception. Historically speaking, traditional media have had a strong grip in the MENA region, viewers and readers were restricted in their choice of print media and TV channels. However, traditional publishers and broadcasters have been shaken by the digital revolution as they were pushed into unfamiliar territory. Publishers had to re-imagine and redevelop their trade and embrace the digital revolution, or otherwise risk diving into a downward spiral.Social Media have further eroded the power structures of traditional media by changing the way consumers access and consume news content. The trend toward finding and consuming news through social networks rather than coming directly to the publisher’s website.

Digital gave consumers more convenient access to news than ever before, and people increasingly relying on social media for news.In light of that digital evolution, we’ve seen a lot of publishers and broadcasters provide different content for a completely new type of reader and viewer. To find some way of catering for the new consumer, publishers and broadcaster have been furiously creating bite-sized, easily digestible, compelling and shareable news items in an attempt to lure readers back.The MENA region has seen extremely rapid growth in ICT infrastructure. Over the past five to seven years, no other part of the world has advanced as rapidly.

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The tech-native and savvy youth in the Middle East will only further boost the digital adoption rate in the coming years. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is ranked second in the world by number of daily YouTube videos views at more than 310 million, and is the fastest-growing consumer of videos on FacebookBy 2019, projections estimate that the Middle East and Africa will have the world’s highest cloud traffic growth rate.    

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