The? ?and? ?Innovation? ?in Education”? ?? ?11? ?experts?

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The??results? ?from? ?this? ?research? ?study? ?were? ?that? ?including? ?things??like? ?social? ?media? ?, class-discussions? ?,? ?and? ?self-directed? ?study??in? ?the? ?classroom? ?makes? ?students? ?want? ?to? ?be? ?involved and??creates? ?a? ?more? ?innovative? ?classroom.? ?As? ?a? ?future? ?educator??this? ?has? ?taught? ?me? ?to? ?evaluate? ?my classroom? ?and? ?my? ?students??to? ?see? ?what? ?would? ?be? ?the? ?most? ?effective? ?methods? ?for? ?my??classroom? ?as a? ?whole? ?and? ?individual? ?students.? (Whattananarong,2011).”In a world of rapid change in information and communication technology,innovation in education needs to keep updated and get prepared for thischanging world in order to solve educational problems effectively.

“(p.202) ?I??believe? ?I? ?would? ?have? ?to? ?do? ?this? ?quite? ?often? ?simply? ?becausetechnology? ?is? ?always? ?changing? ?.  In??the? ?research? ?study? ?? ?”Instructional? ?Strategies? ?to? ?Support??Creativity? ?and? ?Innovation? ?in Education”? ?? ?11? ?experts? ?,? ?three??were? ?in? ?technology? ?and? ?innovational? ?education?. The? ?purpose? ?of??this? ?study? ?was? ?stated? ?to? ?”focus? ?on? ?the instructional??strategies? ?that? ?support? ?creation? ?of? ?creative? ?and? ?innovative??education”.

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? ?? ?These experts? ?collected? ?and? ?analyzed? ?data? ?on??structural? ?strategies? ?to? ?create? ?an? ?innovative? ?classroom. The??strategies? ?challenged? ?students? ?to? ?expand? ?their? ?creative? ?thinking,brainstorming,  ?and? ?problem solving??skills.? ? Seechaliao(2017)”This research aimed to study the instructionalstrategies that support creation of creative and innovative education. Theresults would find the appropriate ways for teaching and be the guideline tosupport and develop learners’ competence to design and create innovation withmore creativity and higher quality.” (p.202)

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