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Last updated: March 31, 2019

The term serial killer was coinedby former FBI agent Robert Ressler who was part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit(BAU). Bur in 1985 Holmes and DeBurger proposed a four-sort display for serialkillers.  This was later updated andextended by Holmes and Holmes in 1998. These characterizations were producedwith data accumulated from case records of 110 serial killers and meetings withchose cases.

The model proposed by Holmes and Holmes in 1998 incorporated theaccompanying: visionary executioner, preacher executioner, decadent executioner,and the power control executioner. Visionary executioners are the individualswho have gone insane and no longer can see reality. They report hearing voicesfrom God, devils, blessed messengers, etc, who instruct them to kill. Visionaryexecutioners consider killing to be a job that simply must be done. Missionexecutioners are kill only those who they see to being an unfortunatesituation, almost like a mercy killing. These sorts of executioners trust theiractivities are honorable and that they are doing the world a support by freeingit of a specific kind of individuals, for example sex workers. Decadent executionersare get sexual pleasure from killing.

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They consider the killing to be the bestpart of their night, almost like dessert at the end of a very filling meal. Thissort of executioner will take part in things such as mutilation or necrophilia.They are the type to keep trophies of what they think are their conquests.Excite subtypes of kill for the delight they get from the killing itself. Once theyare done killing, they move onto the next victim right away.

These sorts of killersfrequently delay death to torment their victims so that they can extend theirfeeling of euphoria. There has been another subcategory included to thegluttonous killer by Holmes, called comfort killers. Solace killers kill for materialsonly, and not for other reasons such as sexual pleasure. Power or controlkillers are propelled by the need supreme power and control over another humanlife, and can be more brutal than other killers. These categories are very ridged.

This can make it a hard system to use because of how flexible serial killerscan be. Not all killers can fit into categories or sub categories as easily asHolmes and DeBurger make it seem.

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