The Application of Vertical Roller Mill in Slag Grinding

Steel plant blast furnace slag is discharged waste in the production process. At present, the slag into the slag powder ground, the same amount instead of cement, either turning waste into treasure, and can reduce production of cement needed for mining resources is important way to develop recycling economy and achieve sustainable development. Slag powder is a new type of high-strength concrete admixture, high-quality cement admixture, the raw material is metallurgical industry blast furnace slag, is the use of a new type of environmentally friendly industrial waste products.Over the past decade, mostly large steel companies have invested in building slag grinding production lines, the slag powder project as a priority the development of non-steel industry. Slag grinding can be Vertical Roller Mill for Slag Grinding, roller press, ball mill, vibration mill four kinds of finish grinding process, or the use of vertical mill + mill, roller mill Joint press + grinding process, where vertical mill The most common production process for each steel company preferred.The host device is a vertical roller mill grinding process and baghouse.

Terminal Equipment slag grinding system is baghouse. Baghouse dust has collected the finished product and environmental dual function, plays a To ensure the slag powder fineness and energy conservation needs, slag grinding system mainly chosen Vertical Roller Mill processes. Compared with other processes, Vertical Roller Mill for Slag Grinding process has significant energy saving, good drying effect, the advantages of small footprint and construction investment and other provinces.In recent years, due to the vertical mill in the area of raw material grinding and coal preparation and the ontinuous development of breakthrough materials science, hydraulic technology, automatic control, and gradually overcome the vertical mill use in the presence of vibrations, and disc wear, in addition to unfavorable factors such as iron hard, vertical mill slag powder production line in gradually got the promotion and application.Plant raw slag was raised from the feed hopper bucket conveyor to deposit slag warehouse, equipped with screw gate and into the mill warehouse under the control of the amount of slag electronic belt speed, belt scale according to the needs of the system a certain mount of slag discharged , in addition to the separator through the iron bucket elevator machine, the air lock feeder fed vertical mill, vertical mill in the grinding roller and by the relative movement of produce extruded disc, ground into powder.

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Powder through the powder means the powder mill, qualified with the powder inside out Jet mill grinding, the high concentration fall on the disc. The mill pass into the hot air generated by the special stove, according to factory conditions, availability of coal-fired stove, also usable fuel stove, evaporation materials nto the water, to ensure product moisture content below 1%.Basis for improving the efficiency of vertical grinding mill, the flour in the mill election cycle, the process layout uses a coarse slag mill can spit returned by the system equipment design, that mill spit crude residue was Separators In addition to iron and then transported by conveyor belt hoist back into the mill, by adjusting the amount of crude residue return can increase milling efficiency and prolong the life of the roller and disc. Finished slag dust collected by the delivery chute into the slag repository.

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