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Last updated: December 5, 2019

The mission of the PhiladelphiaPolice Department is to fight crime and the fear of crime, including terrorism,by working with it’s partners to enforce the laws, apprehend offenders, preventcrime from occurring, and improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians. While not as extreme as police officers,society faces consequences from police involved shootings too. The perceptionof police, the support of the public, combined with the influence of mediaoutlets and community demonstrators, strongly influence if the consequences arepositive or negative.

The stories and in particular, the headlines, that mediaoutlets use to distribute information regarding police involved shootings, canextremely influence the publics opinion. Negative perceptions of policeofficers cause distrust and a lack of appreciation. These feelings combinedwith a shooting incident, can cause riots, mass demonstrations, and an overalldangerous environment for police officers to work and the public to live.

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Whenone bad police officer makes the news, it makes all police officers look bad,and makes there job even harder. Followinga deadly force situation by a police officer, the media and community will wantexplanations. The heightened level of anger and distrust only increases thedivision between police and public and causes a more dangerous environment. Notall shooting incidents are negatively reported and the few that are commendeddon’t seem to gain a lot of the publics attention.

Ethics area way in which someone conducts himself or herself, particularly in a group orculture. Ethics are ones principles of right conduct. Morals are the principlesor judgments that someone has in regards to right or wrong conduct. Morals aretypically regarded with someone’s personal behavior, where as ethics are normallyassociated with business or professional practices. Morals are can beprinciples inherited through family members, religious beliefs, or created fromones own beliefs. Ethics typically are dependent on societies current view oncertain situations.

Aperson strictly following ethical principles may not have any morals at all.Police officers are subjected to moral and ethical dilemmas countless timeswhile in the performance of their duties. These dilemmas affect not only theirpersonal lives and career, but the lives of everyone involved in the situationat hand. The mindset set forth by law enforcement agencies is one that allowsfor officers to make use of force decisions depending upon a specificsituation. The decision to use force is largely based on training andknowledge, but at times the decision not to use force is based on fear ofdepartment backlash, societal and media backlash, and retaliation.


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