The arguments against belief in God are more convincing than the arguments for belief in God

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Belief in God is a popular debate among Christians, Other Religions and Atheists, the belief in God is a very serious and important subject as it affects all elements of our lives, deaths and possible afterlives. The very comprehension of our existence and our minority of importance is a mind boggling realisation, this combined with the drastic change the existence of God would make you think very deeply. Christianity teaches us that god has been present since the dawn of time, God created the dawn of time and all of existence.We learn this through the old and new testament. One of the main arguments against God’s entity is the idea of suffering. If God intended us to be on Earth, why did he create suffering? Most people debate that if God is omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent, how could he let suffering continue? He knows what is happening all over the world, he has the power to stop it and is kind enough to stop it and yet he chooses to let it continue. Christian’s with the fact that God gave us all free will affects how he treats us and deals with suffering.

The basic principle is that God gave us free will and rather than abuse that gift he gave us he would let us carry on our daily lives. Another point to make is that God cannot cater to everyone’s needs, especially if it conflicts with other people’s interests. E. g. If someone is terminally ill in hospital, one person may pray to God and ask that he keep this patient alive for as long as possible. Another person might pray to God and ask that the patient dies to stop them from receiving anymore pain. God wishes not to intervene and leaves the person to its own destiny.

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The arguments against belief in God are more convincing than the arguments for belief in God. ” Another key factor in the belief of God was his son, Jesus. As we all know Jesus was sent here by God to forgive us of our sins by ultimately sacrificing himself. During his time on Earth, Jesus taught many people about the way of God. This alone cannot prove God’s existence and many people thought that Jesus was mentally challenged when he first started preaching, then, when he performed the first few miracles, he proved God’s being as he did that which was thought physically impossible.

His ultimate miracle was rising from the dead three days after his crucifixion. This proves Jesus’ and God’s entity and existence. One way Christians can debate back is through the idea of causation, meaning everything big and small has a meaning and purpose. Another thought provoker is the detail of design is the smallest things e. g.

a strand of DNA contains all the information needed to create a full sized human adult. All of these points and more add up to become one major debate which spreads throughout the earth with different alterations.

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