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Last updated: September 25, 2019

 The Olympics are aquadrennial event organized twice a year, in winter and summer. The next yearsfor the Games were quite calm when it comes to terrorism. The organizersimplemented new security measures and with development of technology people canfeel much safer.

Only after twenty-four years people encountered another tacticof terrorism, which took place during the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. It wasthe first time in history of the Games that the national Olympic committeesinvited to compete athletes even from the former Soviet Republics, Burundi,North Korea, the Palestinian Authority and Hong Kong.1Even though, there were extra security precautions, there were two deaths, oneof a woman who had some serious injuries made by the explosion and another oneof a Turkish journalist who was running to the scene and died of a heartattack. There were also more than a hundred injuries. The bomb exploded on July27 around 1:20 am, which was put in a backpack left near a music stage.2 Asecurity guard, Richard Allensworth Jewell, saw an unattended backpack at12:58am and he immediately alarmed the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).Nine minutes after that there was a 911 call claiming that: “There is a bomb inCentennial Park. You have 30 minutes.

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“3 Lateron, around 1:15am, the officers started to evacuate the people. The pipe bomb,which was inside the backpack exploded minutes later. The guard’s perceptivityalong with vigilance saved thousands of lives. At 5:15am, the Atlanta Gamescalled a press conference in which it was decided that the Olympics wouldcontinue just as they did in Munich in 1972.4 Jewell,the guard became an international hero. However, behind the happenings, he wasinterviewed by the secret service, the GBI and FBI, and CNN claimed he is oneof the suspects to put the bag under the bench and spot it first, and callhimself a hero.5Most of the newspapers wrote that FBI suspects the ‘hero’ guard to be the onewho planted the bomb.

The accusations were resolved only after furtherinvestigation which involved searching of his mother’s house and passing thepolygraph test which stated that he had no idea about the bomb. He was nolonger a suspect. Seven years later, a former US Army explosive expert, EricRudolph, was convicted of the bombing.6

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