The as, according to the statistical data, in 2015

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Last updated: January 8, 2020

The problemof adolescent pregnancy is of high relevance, as, according to the statisticaldata, in 2015 almost 230 children in the United States were born by teens (thatis, by 15-19 years old women) (“Reproductive Health…,” 2017).

The scopes of theproblem, represented above, are tremendously high, and the teenage pregnantwomen are the community which needs to get adequate assistance in theirhealthcare-related needs. Regarding the fact that the adolescent pregnancy is always a highlycontroversial issue, it is hard to define one significant aspect of it. Forinstance, when a 15-19 years old woman decides to abort her baby, she is facinga different psychological and health challenge, then the woman who has chosento give birth. In this particular paper will be observed the community ofteenage women who decided to bear their children. Those girls are commonlyknown to be associated with a lot of psychological pressure, especially frompeers and relatives, and to have health-related problems such as low babyweight and other complexities during the childbirth, which are partly relatedand dependant on the psychological state of a woman. The premature birth seemsto be the most apparent health problem both of women who did not reach thelegal adulthood and their newborns. Jeha et al. report that the mostsignificant factors that may influence one’s likelihood of preterm delivery aresmoking and being 15-16 years of age (Jeha et al.

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, 2015, p. 4). Presumably, therisk of premature birth increases when the mother-to-be experiences constantpsychological pressure, that is, the feelings such as a fear of uncertainty,the necessity to make the major life decisions (such as leavingANY TOPIC (WRITER’S CHOICE)3school, the willingness to cooperate with the father of the baby etc.),or facing the challenges like body change and other problems, associated withbeing pregnant. Those factors may make teenage pregnant women to start smokingto reduce the tension and for relaxation. Woman’s inability to independentlycope with her teenage pregnancy makes her to routinely live according to herharmful behavioral patterns, which may contribute to the repeating breakdownsor depression.

The most severe impact on woman’s well-being can cause herinteractions with family members and peers, which are having the negativeattitude towards a teenage pregnancy. The harmful cooperation with friends maynot be taken into account, as the environmental disapproval can be temporary andthe changing of the environment can resolve the problem. In this case,predisposing factors like beliefs, preferences, and attitudes (Mackinnon etal., 2016, p. 2) can positively impact a pregnant teenage woman in the casewhen they are interrelated with the ones of her relatives.

That is, thepositive atmosphere in the home setting can reduce the tension and,consequently, decrease the ability of the risk factors such as premature birthto impact the health of a woman and her newborn child. It can also contributeto the positive enabling factors (which, according to MacKinnon et al., include”variables that may facilitate, catalyze, or stimulate motivation for actuallyengaging in behavior change”(MacKinnon et al.

, 2016, p. 2), the impact of whichwill be discussed above.Adjusting a teenager to the motherhood can be complicated, as it requires notonly having the necessary skills but also coping with the pressure, not alwaysfamiliar to the middle-aged pregnant women. Motivating a woman in this case,should include creating a positive picture of raising a child and helping herto become a self-sufficient person. Societal attitudes should also be takeninto account, as they can negatively affect a mother-to-be by interfering withher ability to create advantageous role expectations. Society can depreciatesuch women and see them as immature and irresponsible. The already existingprogrammes, oriented on helping the teenage pregnant women should concentratemore not only on one’s skills as a mother but also on woman’s ability topromote high self-esteem.

Addressing both mental and physical healthcomplexities that appear when one is coping with the teenage pregnancy is theonly advantageous way to help this community to deal with the childbearing andmotherhood.

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