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Last updated: March 23, 2019

TheUnited States is one of the largest countries in the world.

Throughout the millions of miles, there are large cities, miles andmiles of highway, countless suburban towns and many beautifulnational parks. You may have been to the national parks such asYosemite, Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon, but there istrue beauty in some of the lesser known parks as well. These parkshave the same untold beauty that the popular parks have but often getovershadowed.

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Planning your next adventure to one of these parkswould be a great nature getaway! MuirWoods National Monument, California MuirWoods is in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, a forty-five-minutedrive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Immediately after the GoldenGate Bridge, you will begin to see the full greenery that inhabitsthe Northern Bay Area, but it isn’t until you enter the nationalpark that you see what makes it so special: the redwood trees. Thesetrees reach up to 258 feet tall and are anywhere from 500 to 1,200years old! Hiking through the 6 miles of trails will leave you tiredbut make you appreciate the redwoods like never before. NorthCascades National Park, Washington Afew states North in Washington is North Cascades National Park. Thisnature lovers haven is located three hours from Seattle.

Thisnational park is filled with so many activities to do that it isessential to plan your day in advance. With a mixture of hikingtrails, mountain views, lookouts, scenic drives, and large bodies ofwater, this national park is a perfect destination for a summercamping trip with the family. Driving along the North Cascade Highwayis extremely popular because of the variety of scenery that is alongit. A great treat for those who’d rather not go on a hike or in thewater. IsleRoyale National Park, MichiganThelast national park on the list is special because it is onlyaccessible by boat or seaplane! Isle Royale National Park is anisland within Lake Superior and can be accessed from both Michiganand Minnesota.

Along with magnificent views and a variety of hikes,the Isle Royale offers a unique national park experience with scubadiving, a walkable old copper mine and a very old lighthouse. Forthose that are adventurous and love water, scuba diving is anexcellent choice! You can get a closer view of nine shipwrecks withinLake Superior. The island used to be a booming copper mine and thereare still mining roads you can walk on! Finally, the national park,under great conditions, has a view of the Northern Lights. Givethe Little Guys a ChanceNexttime you are thinking of taking a trip to a national park, considerthe ones in this list! Lesser known parks are also great becausethere tends to be less people, meaning a more intimate experiencewith nature. You don’t have to be at the biggest, most-well knownplaces to get special memories. Muir Woods, North Cascade and IsleRoyale National Park all offer unique experiences that can be specialfor all! 

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