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The narrator,Holden Caulfield starts off the novel telling us what he isn’t going to tell us, where he was born and what his childhood was like. He mentions his brother, D.B , who was a terrific writer , and ended up selling himself to hollywood which really upsetted him. Caulfield proceeds to talk about the day he left Pencey, the school he was kicked out of for failing most of his classes. The only class he hasn’t failed was english. He spends his last day at Pencey watching their football game from the top of Thomsen hill. He wasn’t planning  on watching the game from the hill, but he had left his fencing teams equipment on the subway and was also was going to say goodbye to his history teacher “Mr.

Spencer”. As he is on his way to go say goodbye, he stops to catch his breath and says that he does so because he is a heavy smoker. He says he slowly feels himself disappearing and getting lost as he crosses route 204.When Holden arrives  at Spencer’s house  he quickly describes him, saying that he had a bad posture and was all stooped over. He starts that once he entered the room it smelled like vicky’s drops and that there was pills all over the place. Mr.

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Spencer then enters the room as well. Notably, Spencer is polite and holds respect for Mr.Spencer, he greets him and asks him about his flu (grippe).Mr Spencer then asks him about Mr.Thurmer , their headmaster.

Holden says that Mr. Thurmer had talked to him about life being a game , and Mr. Spencer agrees but Holden doesn’t, he said it really isn’t game unless you’re on the side where all the hot-shots are in.

Mr. Spencer begins to ask Holden what was wrong with him , why he wasn’t  applying himself. He lectures him, telling him he needed to worry about his own future.

He read a badly written essay by holden out-loud to make his point, and that’s when Holden begins to regret making his stop to say goodbye. He starts thinking about the ducks he used to watch by the lake. He decides to leave to escape Mr.Spencers lecture excusing himself with the lie of heading to the Gym.Holden arrives at his dorm and says that the wing was named a guy named Ossenburger who was an alumni at Pencey, and had donated to  the school tons of money. Holden recalls him making a speech, where he mostly talked about his success. Ossenburger gave credit to God for success and says that he prayed everyday and every time he could.

Holden refers to him as a “phony bastard”.  As Holden is in his dorm room he picks up his red hunter hat that he had bought for a dollar , and then puts it on his head backwards  because that was the way he liked wearing it.He also picks up a book and begins to read and that’s when his next dorm neighbor walks in from the shower that connects both dorms. He only touches Holdens and Stradlater’s personal things to annoy Holden.Despite Ackley being a weird kid Holden feels sorry for him .

Holden has a conversation with stradlater. Holden admits that although Stradlater was handsome he was not very clean, because he always kept his razors with the hairs on them and continued to shave with them- He asks him about his date and is surprised that it was Jane Gallagher, someone he had known . He was a bit concerned that Jane was dating Stradlater and begins to ask him a questions about her  which Stradlater barely has answers to. Instead , Stradlater convinces Holden to write an English  paper for him.After going to the theatre with his friends, Mal Brossard and Ackley , Holden then starts to write that English paper he had promised Stradlater. He couldn’t think of a room to describe for the paper so instead he chose to write about his brothers baseball Mitt.

His brother’s name was Allie

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