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Last updated: December 23, 2019

The increasing energy dependence limited sourceof the fossil fuels, their increasing price and negative environmental impactsforce mankind to improve the utilization of the available renewable energysources.

Renewable sources represent an inexhaustible potential of energy forthe future. Among renewable sources solar energy is one of the most promisingnow days. The sun’s position tracker mechanism is to be composed of the PLC, DCMotor, worm gear, photo sensor, encoder, power relay and inclinometer. Theprogram to tilt the panel according to sun’s position is to be feed on PLC. Aninclinometer fixed behind the panel measure the angle of panel and it givesfeedback to PLC.An overview of the solar cell technologies and their efficiencyof this conversion depends on solar radiation that reaches the surface of thesolar cell. Another option is to track the sun’s path in daylight hours.

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Someresearchers have conducted various studies to establish the optimal degree oftilt solar panel to increase the output power. Because the position of the sunchanges during the courses of the day the implementation of the solar trackeris the best solution to increase the energy production. The performance of asolar collector is highly influenced by its orientation (regarding the Equator)and its tilt angle (regarding the ground).

this can be achieved by properdesign, construction, installation and orientation. In PV cell shadows areknown to damage the solar cell due to the creation of the hot spot to thepanel. From the reference study it can be seen that optimization of tilt angleof the solar panel can be done by using Soft-Computing technique. Depending onnumber of axis the panel can be move and tracking can be differentiated.Knowledge of these angles would further allow us to track the sun on a monthlybasis rather than daily hour based tracking.

The process can be seen from theFig 1.            

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