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Last updated: March 25, 2019

Themarketing strategy of Hookah Space lounge bar will be to establish a base of astourists as residents, and using these customers to bring in other customers asfriends. To that end, some tactics are going to be used, like seeking mentionin blogs for the local area, pitching the story of its concept and opening tointercultural and different languages publications specifically, and areanewspapers and magazines in general, and advertising on local radio.

Posters,which are going to be made professionally, will be used during the periodbefore opening only. After the launch, promotional incentives for customerswill be advertised on the radio advertisements and on the website only. The bar’sgrand opening will be marked by an event featuring live music, free food anddrink offers, and door prizes. Besides season time, weekends and specialevents, in pursuance of the well-known factor that in Spain people celebratemany national, international, religious and other days, for Hookah Space it isgoing to be a case of getting even more people and loyal customers. Those days,like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, los Reyes Magos (7th of July), SaintValentine’s Day, Fallas (15th to 19th of March), Eastervacation, Independence Day, Oktoberfest, Moros y Cristianos (17th to22nd of October), Halloween, a Town Day and other city festivals,will provide to the Hookah Space lounge bar more clients because of people’sfree days, vacation and desire to escape from huge megalopolises to smaller andmore peaceful places. That would work as for local residents as for foreigntourists, because almost all of these festival days are well-known by people. In the table 1 below, it is possible to seeestimated milestones at the Hookah Space lounge bar for the first year.

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The 4,700€ will go for pre-opening campaign, as follows forthe PR campaign: purchasing advertisement space and promotion in social media,advertisements on radio, newspapers and local magazines, first business carddrawing for potential customers and organization of the lounge bar grandopening day with free snacks and drinks, decorations, hired DJ and so on. Afterthe grand opening, further event incentives will be held to start functioning theHookah Space.  Milestones (1st year) Duration Responsible department Costs PR Campaign 1,5 month before opening Social Media & Marketing 1,300€ Lounge Bar Grand Opening 1 day in the beginning of the season Organizational operations 3,000€ Business Card Drawing 1 month Social Media & Marketing 400€ Events Incentives 3 months (June – August) Social Media & Marketing 1,700€ TOTAL     6,400€  Table 1: Estimatedmilestones during the first year at Hookah Space In the table 2 below it is possible to see theestimated marketing budget at Hookah Space.

Due to the fast growing of digitaldevices using and all the social media, Hookah Space pays a lot of attentioninto expenses for Instagram account over-speeding with the help of alreadyfamous people there, who would promote Hookah Space, Facebook page and searchengine. The last one works by way of searching something in Google and HookahSpace will appear as the first offered option for people’s request or as a recommendationby geo-location. The biggest expense for Hookah Space, accordingto the marketing budget table, will be the grand opening event, which will cost3,000€. On this event people will be able totry sample of food, which will be offered to the customers in the future,simple drinks and little samples of cocktails, which are also going to beoffered to clients later on. This event has to be done on the highest level soall the people would come back repeatedly and become Hookah Space lounge bar’sloyal customers. The approximate budget in the first year is planned to be12,400€ but the goal for the next years is to make the marketing budget muchlower.  Marketing budget (1st year) Once Monthly Yearly Instagram   100€ 1,200€ Facebook   100€ 1200€ Search engine (Google)   150€ 1,800€ Business cards 400€   400€ Brochures 600€   600€ Lounge Bar Grand Opening 3,000€   3,000€ Advertisement on radio   200€ 2,400€ Advertisement on local magazines/ newspapers   150€ 1,800€ TOTAL     12,400€  Table 2: Estimatedmarketing budget at Hookah Space in the first year 1.

1.1     Sales strategy HookahSpace lounge bar will sell and promote its products and service through carefuland diligent personnel: waiters and bartenders. They are going to becountervailed through wages on an hour-basis and tips to work for providing thebest customer service possible. Wait team of workers will use tablets with Wi-Ficonnection to place orders that might be sent to the bartenders or hookahspecialist to make ready drinks or hookah, or in case of food orders to thekitchen.

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