The Battle Between Knowledge and Regret

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Last updated: May 2, 2019

Sherman Alexie and Frederick Douglass: The Battle Between Knowledge and RegretWhen two writers have similar hardships in their childhood, they often show relationships in their accomplished literacy. In “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie describes his childhood on a Spokane Indian reservation and his introduction to literature driven by both arrogance, and the need to overstep boundaries. In contrast, the article “Learning to Read and Write”, by Frederick Douglass is written in the eyes of a young African American boy growing up as a slave in the 18th Century.

The bitterness he felt towards his differences, though, did no outweigh the overwhelming curiosity which pushed him to succeed. While over a hundred and fifty years separate these two authors, both explore the hardships they were able to overcome in order to become literate, the influential people who sparked the interest, and the meaning of that to each.Alexie demonstrates his continued confidence which allowed him to succeed whereas Douglass illustrates the negative effect of his differences in society through his writing. To three-year old Spokane Indian Sherman Alexie many of the typical stereotypes of life on a reservation are a reality. His family is poor: living paycheck to paycheck and on government surplus.

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It wouldn’t take anything drastic to stand out in this community, so his father’s love of books is already looked down upon because “those who failedwere ceremonially accepted by other Indians and appropriately pitied by non-Indians”(Alexie). The flame was already lit within Sherman, though, who accepts and adopts his father’s love and teaches himself to read. Sherman Alexie’s confidence was never distinguished and that pride Alison2and rebellious attitude refused to let him conform to society. Throughout the article Sherman writes with almost a child-like innocence which engages the audience into his numbers a.


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