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The projectwill contain different facilities of different majors and for different ages. Thebuilding contains diverse types of facilities based on the types, ages of usersand the project goals and objectives. It mainly consist of educational, social/ cultural, sport, kid’s and other facilities. Thearchitect have to consider various aspects of the building design because ofthe projects nature and main purpose (educational), the building environmentand its operational structure which generally lie outside the concern of theclosed studying spaces. Tore-introduce and improve the learning environment where students learn and pushthe boundaries of accepted ways of arranging space and facilities for thebuilding. Creating flexible learning spaces, learning in the landscape andutilized the incidental spaces outside the closed rooms will be used.

 As theproject is going to targeted all the students from all the studying stages,then the educational facilities in the building is going to be zoned accordingto the age of the users. The primary school students (7-12 years), intermediateand secondary school students (13-18 years) and university students (18-24years), each will have a separate learning zone while there will be a common ormutual zones beside the other like the sport, social and cultural facilitiesthat can be divided in two zones according to the gender of the user not theage.Learning and study facilities have been extended without thetraditional classroom and library environments to give student more freedom tostudy where it suits them. They are designed to provide users with a verity ofdifferent spaces, from noisy social interaction areas for group work, to placefor silence study. Furniture can be instrumental in the success of the building.It can also compromise an otherwise successful space. It can also comprise anotherwise successful space.

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As the most direct interface between people andtheir environment, furniture can be used to organize space or provide vitalstorage to support the whole gamut of learning activities. They shape out theactual experience of the learning space.As thebuilding targeted a large category of the society which is the students, thistype of building needs to be separated according to many aspects:a.     According to theage, as the students from primary school till college are going to use thebuilding. The building should be divided according to that.

b.     According to thepublic and private areas, the building facilities have to be divided accordingto its use as public, private and semi-private. c.      According to thequiet and noisy zones, as the building is an educational building there is needfor the quiet zones for studying while there is some people prefer to study ingroups and use the noisy zones.


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