The Bitter Sweet Things Coffee, originating around the

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Last updated: December 24, 2019

The Bitter Sweet Things Coffee, originating around the 1400’s, and tea, dating all the way back to around the year of 2737 BC, have both been two of the most popular and well-known beverages in the world. History of Tea – Learn About Tea History, www.coffeeteawarehouse.

com/tea-history.html. These two stimulating drinks bring a more focused mentality as well as a stronger sense of happiness in most people’s everyday life. In today’s society, individuals who may be seeking a caffeine fix are faced with two major contestants, coffee and tea, which provides three major deciding factors.

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One must take into consideration the history, risks, and health benefits in order to obtain a sense of preference between these two beverages. Both Coffee and Tea also have quite the history. For instance, wars have been waged for access to these products. Coffee, having several accounts pertaining to its origin, is comprised of numerous stories in which none have been proven entirely true. The most widely accepted theory of the origin of coffee dates back to the 1400’s when a Yemeni shepherd named Kaldi consumes an unknown berry after noticing one of his sheep beginning to act in almost a hyperactive manner after eating one of the same berries from a mysterious plant. Similarly to coffee, tea also has many different theories pertaining to its origin. Tea, on the other hand, is much more ancient compared to coffee in terms of the time they were founded.

According to Chinese legend, the history of tea dates back to 2737 BCE and was discovered by accident from the Emperor Shen Nong, a skilled ruler and scientist. The story states that while he was boiling water in his garden, a leaf from an overhanging wild tea tree fell into his pot creating a sweet drink so enjoyable he decided to study it further. Following these intriguing theories on the foundings of coffee and tea, there are also many risks that may occur if abused or not drank in moderation. These two beverages come with certain risks if abused.

Although there are many differences between these two beloved beverages, the risks of overconsumption are quite similar. Both, coffee and tea contain a stimulant known as caffeine. Although both are comprised of this stimulant, the effect from drinking coffee rather than tea is much more drastic.

Due to caffeine, both coffee and tea can increase heart rate and blood pressure. As a result of an increased heart rate, blood flow to the heart increases while blood flow to the brain decreases. This means that when one is coming down from a caffeine “high” he/she may feel tired or foggy, which can occur minutes to hours after consumption.

Though many risks may be connected to abusing these beverages, one should not feel apprehensive towards trying them for they also come with an abundant amount of health benefits. Many people wonder which is the healthier beverage option, tea or coffee? Tea consists of many rich, natural antioxidants that have the ability to fight inflammation as well as prevent the hardening process of blood vessels. Tea drinkers also are known to have a lower risk of stroke and are less likely to have heart disease. Drinking tea in regulated amounts also has been known to boost brain health.

Coffee, on the other hand, shares a few of the same benefits as tea, but also provides some of its own. Coffee affects the brain by increasing the speed of neurotransmitters which greatens energy levels enabling more precise concentration and focus.  According to a recent Harvard study, those who consume more coffee on a daily basis may be less likely to die prematurely due to some types of disease than those who drink little or no coffee. Despite the many differences between these two favored drinks, coffee and tea are actually quite similar. Although these two mesmerizing drinks come with a few risks if abused, they also provide many health benefits if drank in moderation.

Whether it’s waking up in the morning and needing a small cup of coffee or relaxing late at night sipping on a cup of warm tea, both of these stimulating beverages fulfill a certain purpose.

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