The Black Badge Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic

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The Black Badge Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date:The Black Badge: Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic Introduction One man overcomes all odds and he becomes a hero in a society where discrimination and racism takes toll. The book ‘The Black Badge Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic’ is a story of a man who upheld law strictly to the letter, and apprehended the most dangerous criminals of his time. He could not read nor write, but he made it his duty to create law and order in the community. The most remarkable thing is that he was black and a slave at a time when there was a lot of white dominance. In the end, he rose to become a hero to the blacks and the community at large[1]. This paper is a review of the book ‘The Black Badge Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves from Slave to Heroic.’ Discussion When the readers want to buy the book, several things can catch their attention from the cover.

It is true what people say that a picture contains more than a thousand words. The cover of the book shows a Marshall who is riding a horse. The readers can notice that the face of the skin of the Marshall is back. The face of the Marshall cannot be recognized because it is dark. Additionally, the words, ‘The Black Badge,’ are written in bold in a bigger font than the others are and they are in black[2]. When the readers see this, they start getting a clear picture of what they are expecting from the story.

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This shows that the story is about a black Marshall. This shows the book is credible based on the relationship between the cover and the text. Henceforth, I tend to agree because the cover coincides with what is written inside the book. On the cover, there is the name of the author, Paul Brady.

Based on what the book is about, the information in the book can be considered credible. This is because the author of the book is related to the character, Bass Reeves. The author has written, “This book is dedicated to my uncle Bass Reeves.”[3] He is the uncle of the author. For this reason, the author has more personal information of Reeves that cannot be acquired anywhere. Additionally, the author has raw data as compared to the other authors who are using secondary sources to write about Reeves. Therefore, the book being a true story, I believe it is credible since the author of the book has used primary sources based on the relationship he has with the character of the book..

The book contains two hundred and forty two pages. This shows that the book can be considered as a credible source of the story as compared to the other books with the same topic and have fewer pages. This is because it shows that it has a wealth of information based on a story of somebody. For instance, the book gives the story of life of Reeves before he became a Marshall, when he became a Marshall and after he was a Marshall. In all parts of the book, there is a lot of information based on the story. In this case, those who want to read the book will not be disappointed because they will get all the information that they require. Additionally, they will not be left hanging due to lack of enough information on the story as compared to the other books with the same story[4]. The arrangement of the story in the book is easy to understand and follow through for the reader.

The story is arranged in a chronological order where the events in the story follow one another based on the time they happened. In this situation, the reader can follow the story at ease with any difficult. Additionally, the reader can understand the story easily without the possibility of referring somewhere or asking many questions. For instance, for instance the book starts with the story of Reeves before he was a Marshal, it moves the events of when he was a Marshal, and later it illustrates the events after he was a Marshalls. Henceforth, the book is easy for readers to follow through and understand the story.

The book starts by showing the life of the black Marshall, Bass Reeves, before he became a Marshall. In this case, the book shows the readers the life Reeves had before becoming a Marshall. As compared to the other books, the author has given the readers the opportunity to see the life of Reeves as a slave[5]. “Reeves was born of a slave where he inherited the name of his master Reeves.

”[6] This way the author of the book is keeping the readers at bay making them yarn more. It is startling to see how a born slaves turns around his life, and he becomes free from his master. This shows that the book has all the information of the Reeves. Henceforth, the readers can be advised to buy the book. Since the book is based on a true story of the life of one of the most respected US Marshals, the readers are tempted to search for more information about Reeves. In this case, the readers should not search anymore. This is because based on the context of the book; it contains all the information about Reeves the readers may require. On the other hand, the sources of the materials are primary sources beginning with the author.

Lastly, the story has an enjoyable touch that will keep the readers glued to the pages. Therefore, the readers are urged to buy this book because they will get information and entertainment all at once. The book is directed to all interested readers. It is not discriminative of the audience who should read the book. For instance, the book is fascinating for the history scholars because it educates more about the west. At one point, a reader has to understand the history of Oklahoma so that he or she can be able to understand the story in depth. In this case, the history learners and scholars have the opportunity of learning what happen on the west.

Additionally, they have learnt the different cultures of the people of the west. Why they are referred to as cowboys and why their fights are more of a gun battle than a fistfight. For instance, the book shows that Reeves was the best gunman in the region. Therefore, the book gives an excellent history lesson about the west and cultures of the people of the west as compared to the other books[7]. On the other hand, the book is fascinating to the public audience.

This is because it has an action-drama like theme. For instance, the book shows the life of the slaves before he became a Marshall. This entails all the drama the slave went through before becoming a Marshall. In this case, those readers who enjoy reading drama books are likely to enjoy the book since it offers them with this opportunity. On the other hand, it has a bit of action it. In the book, there are encounters of Reeves and criminals. For example, there was one point where Reeves was able to apprehend seventeen most wanted criminals at one instance. In this situation, Reeves was not short.

In this situation, those people who enjoy reading action books will be glued to the book always yarning for more. The book contains basic English. This means that even those who know English as a second language can read and understand. Additionally, the young people can enjoy the book because it is clear and it has the action and drama. For example, the young generation does not like reading.

Therefore, if the book is complicated they will be disinterested. Moreover, they do not like reading those books that will make them fall asleep due to boredom. For this reason, they are likely to enjoy reading the book because it contains basic English that is easily understandable. Secondly, the book is more enjoyable to read because it contains a lot of drama and action. Conclusion Based on the above review, the book is highly recommended to all interested readers.

This is because it has wealth of information. First, the cover says it all to the readers. It is a story of a black man who was slaves and rose to become one of the most respected sheriffs. Therefore, those who are interested in an action-drama will be entertained. On the other hand, those who are interested for purposes of learning, they will obtain a wealth of information because the book is credible and it provides a lot of history about the west. Since the book is a true story, it is credible in the information it provides to the readers because the Author is related to the main character of the books. This means that the author has written the book based on first hand information as compared to the other books.

Therefore, I can recommend the book for all interested readers who want to read the book. Bibliography Brady, Paul. The black badge: deputy United States marshal Bass Reeves from slave to heroic lawman. New York, NY: Milligan Books, 2005. Brett & McKay, Kate. Lessons in Manliness from Bass. The Art of Manliness. April 24, 2011.

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Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal.

New York, NY: Carolrhoda Books, 2009. Paulsen, Gary. Legend of Bass Reeves: Being the True and Fictional Account of the Most Valiant Marshal in the West. New York, NY: Topeka Bindery, 2008. [1] Brady, Paul.

The black badge: deputy United States marshal Bass Reeves from slave to heroic lawman. (New York, NY: Milligan Books, 2005) 241.

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