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The media has played a large part in creating the social norms in whichmany think of.  This is because the differenttypes of media out there, including advertisements and television, which are,present everywhere to view.  The media has this enormous influence on peopleof all ages.  This can range from tryingto sell a certain item that children and teens would want or how to act or looklike a certain person.  There is no doubtthat the media has a huge impact on the attitudes and viewpoints of childrenand teens.Children and teens now live in a world that is coveredwith media influences.  In the AustralianNursing Journal article it states, “Media sites provide young people withopportunities to stay connected with friends, family and the world, and developtechnical, creative and social skills” (2012, Australian NursingJournal).

  Before the influenceof the media there was a time when it was not really something that had a hugeimpact on children and teens.  But astime has change, the influence of the media has made it a service to childrenand teems.  This means that children andteens are engrossed with what the media has to offer by things such as realityTV or to using social media on electronic devices. Children and teens nowadays have access to all types ofmedia and what effect new methods of media can have on them.  With the new types of media out there forchildren and teen there is concerns on the influence that it has on them.

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  One of the concerns that the media has onchildren and teens is the influence of their behaviors.   There are some connections between media content and childrenand teens behaviors.   One of those behaviors is the influence ofbody image.  For body image it can beinfluence through many things.

  This caninclude family, peers, fashion industry and through the influence of media andadvertising.  According to one article,”Television has been shown to have the capacity to influence awareness and tochange attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, making it potentially one of the mostpowerful educational resources available at the present time” (Sanders &Montgomery, 2000).  Ifteens and children see things on the media such as unrealistic thin or musclybody types enough times it can have an impact behavior because they arethinking that they have to look like the people they see on the media.Something else that the media has an influence on withchildren and teens is the violent content that the media produces.

  By seeing the violence on the media, childrenand teens will likely behave in the way that might be considered aggressive oreven violent.  While the influence thatthe media has on them, they can even not have the empathy of others or have thefeeling of being afraid all the time. According to Strasburger, “Research on media violence and its relationship toreal-life aggression is substantial and convincing. Young persons learn theirattitudes about violence at a very young age and, once learned, those attitudesare difficult to modify” (Strasburder, 2009).

 This kind of media influence does not always showwhat would happen if children and teens actually behaved violently in reallife.  This can mean that children andteens will not get an accurate understanding of what happens when they act outthe violent in real life situations.  But then again there is the other side of theinfluence that the media has on children and teens, that side would be thepositive influence it has on them.  Themedia is one of the many reasons why it is now easier for children and teens tocommunicate.  One of the most effective toolsfor communication for children and teens is through the Internet.  According to an article by Muto, “Compared with books and othertraditional media, the internet also has an interactive element. Perhaps moreso than older generations, children often use the Internet as a communicationtool” (Muto, 2004 pg.

39).  With the help of many social media technology childrenand teens are able to communicate with friends and family.  Also the media helps children and teens stayup to date on things that are happening around them.  The media in a way helps keep them informedand them gain knowledge on certain things too.   Additionally, the media is a good way to promotepositive messages to teens and children. Since teens and children are so engrossedin the media world, it is wise for the media to use that as a way to promoteinformation and learning about things that teenagers and children areinto.  For example ifthe media takes things that are not as interesting and puts a different spin onit and expose them to it then children and teens will take an interest.

  An example would be the news, the morechildren and teen are shown news information the more likely they will beinterested.  Thiscan help educate children and teens and encourage them to become more involvedin things their communities. Some thing else that the youth can get from themedia is important health messages.  Forexample, they are able to get information that would prevent with mental healthinformation, encouraging healthy eating habits, and promoting positive relationshipswith others. Something else that the media can show is howpeople in the media can role model for children and teens. There are lots ofexamples of celebrities whose values and behavior provide a positive influencefor them. The hard work and success of those in the media can be inspirationalfor children and teens.

Children and teens are at a stage in their lifewhere the media has an effect on the society and their life experience.  Children and teens are trying to apply whatthe media put out into their everyday lives. They like to watch what the media puts out such as love, fashion, violence,food, and news from the world and many other things.  The media can is a source knowledge but atthe same time children and teens should understand the influence it has on them.  The influence the media has on children andteens can give both a positive and negative effect in their lives.The media influence on children and teens can help build up theirknowledge about certain topics and have an important influence on their outlooktowards the topics. Every day there are things that the media puts out therefor children and teens to see.  We cannotdeny that the media has a great influence in shaping the way children and teensthink.

It is understandable that the media plays an important part in childrenand teen’s attitude about life and things surrounding it. Children and teens should not take the media influence as a source of control.It is up to children and teens and their ability to comprehend what the mediais putting out there. It is also depend on their thinking as well.  If a person is a positive type person they willreceive the information that is put out in a positive way.  Something else is that the media must takeinitiative to put out something that is accurate and true rather then what themedia wants them to think.  Every day childrenand teens are surrounded by different type of opinion and they should be ableto come up with their own opinion with what they think is best for them whenthey see something from the media.


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