The book has more than 6 million consumers

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

The most common SM thatare mostly used by consumers for different purposes are: Facebook, Twitter andInstagram. A study of Miller (2010) has found out that over 11 millionconsumers use 6 more than 70% of many SM to purchase different products andservices, to provide rich information about certain product and to sharecomments with other consumers (Miller and Lammas, 2010). Face book has morethan 6 million consumers who registered to buy and share information about products(Scott, 2013). A study showed that 60% of Facebook users say that they are moreable to recommend a product or service to their friends after following thatbrand on SM (Parson, 2013). Facebook has reached 51% of users who buy differentproducts through it (Kunkel, 2013).

Twitter has recorded 800,000 followers whoshowed their appreciation to the provided services about the products. The samestudy has indicated that written blogs has increased from 54% to 77% in two years,and watching several videos related to different products has increased from32% in 2006 to 83% in 2008 (Miller and Lammas, 2010). Another study indicatedthat 79% of Twitter users say they are more able to recommend a product orservice to their friends after following that brand on SM (Parson, 2013). Also,64% of users use Twitter to buy different products (Kunkel, 2013). Instagram isspreading widely in the recent two years because of active users who share andupload different kind of photos. Based on the activities provided by users whouse Instagram, the results showed more than 16 billion photos were shared amongusers (Krieger, 2012).

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Phil Gonzalez, the founder of Instagrammers (Instagramusers) was interviewed to recognize the increasing of Instagram users. Hestated in the interview that number of users who login into Instagram increasedin less than two years to 100 million users in more than 60 countries aroundthe world. (Gonzalez, 2013). Because of the new adoption of Instagram, there isa lack of information about the use of Instagram as a tool in online purchasing. 

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