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Tourism plays a critical function in the socio-cultural and economic plangency of Albury. The touristry market place is highly competitory and is increasing at a really rapid rate so as other regional Centres strive to acquire their ain portion in the market. Over the coming old ages, it has been forecasted that domestic touristry will flatten ( National Industry Forecasts ) and harmonizing to National Visitor ‘s Survey, visits to Albury hold aggressively declined by 40 % over a period of five old ages ( Tourism Research Australia ) .Even though the local touristry industry faces a important sum of challenges, the metropolis recognises the part of touristry and the chances that it provides to turn every bit good as the benefits of being a recognized touristry finish.

It has committed itself in taking a leading function and at the same time working with the industry to lend to sustainable growing and development of Albury.A touristry and finish selling scheme provides a platform for audience and developing strategic partnerships. It besides helps in developing an action program for accomplishing the set aims. It will ease growing and development in Albury and compliment the selling attempts of the metropolis ‘s neighbors.The primary aim is to develop and advance Albury as a finish. If Albury is promoted as Albury Wodonga, industry operators in both Albury and Wodonga can purchase in to selling and promotional activities.

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Albury was one time in the running to go Australia ‘s capital.

It sits in the Sydney- Adelaide-Melbourne trigon, where 75 % of Australians live. This part has a distinguishable natural beauty, where the river Murray winds its manner through the alpine terrain. It is a booming modern metropolis with a arresting natural scene.Albury has a hustling economic system, top of the notch medical and wellness installations and has a vivacious civilization with an artistic scene. It boasts of featuring installations that can equal those in the capital metropoliss with eternal leisure and diversion options.

A metropolis with a cosmopolite feel reflecting a alone multicultural heritage, the open uping population have blended with the station universe war two immigrants. A CBD maestro program is in shop for the metropolis which is full of assortment and verve.Sustainability is critical to Albury ‘s hereafter.

The economic system of Albury is capable to of all time altering to local, national and international market forces. To develop into a major regional economic system, it is indispensable to catch chances that positively contribute to it growing.Tourism provides direct and indirect benefits to the community and contributes an estimated $ 420 million to its economic system. A lessening in the figure of nightlong visits by 40 % has put the metropolis under enormous force per unit area to seek and resuscitate the autumn in tourer visits.The council determined to take leading in touristry in 2009. This papers presents a complete promotional program which on execution will guarantee Albury City ‘s part to economic growing and development and long term benefit for the company.

The local touristry will move a major stakeholder and will assist in organizing partnerships with environing councils and local touristry administrations.

Merchandises offered-

The undermentioned list is non thorough but demonstrates the scope of merchandises that Albury has to offer-Adjustment- 4 star & A ; 4 star+- 3 star- 2 star- Backpackers- Caravan, Cabins and Camping- ResortEntertainment- Major nines- Pubs/Bars- Cabaret- Albury Cinema Centre- Restaurants & A ; CafesCultural- Albury Art Gallery- Art Space Wodonga- Library Museum- Migrant Museum- Entertainment Centre -performing humanistic disciplines events- Fruit Fly Circus ( public shows )- Conservatory Theater- Heritage edifices- Livid Productions installationNature Based – walking, cycling, researching( vegetation & A ; zoology ) , H2O athleticss, canoeing,fishing etc- Wonga Wetlands- Oze-Wildlife- Albury Botanic Gardens- Nail Can Hill Reserve- Noreuil and associated riverbank Parkss- George gilbert aime murphy & A ; Kiewa Rivers- George gilbert aime murphy River Experience- Lake Hume- Assorted Parkss, gardens and militiasthroughout the CityPoints of Interest- Lake Hume Wall and hydro strategy- Memorial Hill- Huon Hill- Eastern Hill Lookout- QEII SquareRetail – Shopping- Albury CBD- Centro Lavington- Harvey Norman Centre- Housewife Centre ( Wodonga )- Wodonga Plaza and High StreetOther attractions/activities- Ettamogah Pub- Go-kart Racing Track- Paint Ball- Ten Pin Bowling- Golf ( Thurgoona, Albury and Wodonga )- Bandiana Army & A ; Light Horse MuseumsMajor Conference and Particular Event Venues- Commercial Baseball club- United states secret service & A ; A Baseball club- Kinross Woolshed- Albury Entertainment Centre- Lake Hume Resort- Lavington Jaguars- Wodonga Civic CentreInfrastructure and Facilities- Albury VIC- Network of paths, trails and tracts- Signage ( presently below criterion )- Railway Station- Albury Airport- Populace Toilets- Lavington Sports Land- Albury Swim Centre- Albury Sports Stadium- Jelbart & A ; Alexandra Park( Hockey/Soccer/Athletics/TouchFootball )-Albury Lawn Tennis, Kelly Park and aassortment of other tennis tribunals throughoutthe metropolis-Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre-Equestrian Centre-Albury & A ; Wodonga Racecourses-Albury & A ; Wodonga Showgrounds-Noreuil Wood Fired Oven-Major Education FacilitiesServicess- Car Hire- Cab ‘s- Buss- Albury VIC- Satellite VIC ‘s ( Myer City Centre, Museumetc )- Regular Passenger Transport ( RPT )services from/to Sydney, Melbourne & A ;Australian capital- Air charter services-Wide scope of conference and event-support service suppliersSource- Albury City Council, 2010

Pricing strategies-

Albury is widely recognised as one of Australia ‘s prima regional finishs for conference, concern, featuring and recreational events. It is strongly supported by a scope of high quality installations and shopping, amusement, cultural and nature based experiences. It ‘s strategic location and propinquity to the Murray River, snowfields and nutrient and vino parts further strengthens its entreaty. Albury has undertaken the market incursion pricing scheme so as to pull international investors and tourers back to the metropolis.

The merchandises offered are priced in such a manner so as to reapportion $ 450,000 from the 2009-10 budgets to upgrade the abode and milieus and develop the necessary selling collateral to back up Visitor Information Centre activities.

Service concept-

Service= Experience+ Outcome. This is the instance for every finish. Albury has emerged as one of the finest topographic points to see with ample of attractive forces from heritage sites to museums and the Murray River weaving its manner through the Alpine terrain. However, Albury is seeking to develop its substructure and it is coming up with certain developments which will decidedly profit the touristry industry. Future developments which would heighten the service construct of Albury are as follows:Modernised Visitor ‘s Information CentreWater athleticssDevelopment of Albury Art gallery into a cultural precinctDevelopment of Burrow ‘s HouseInternational airdrome

Current key selling communicating strategies-

In this universe of globalisation, states all around the Earth are viing with each other in all facets. This is where marketing comes into the image. Today, the importance of selling has reached to an utmost tallness where any concern or a finish must hold a alone selling scheme to pull tourers or investors and derive their attending.

Albury has presently positioned itself in the diminution phase because of the recent economic ruin and is steadily traveling towards the greening phase and is seeking to perforate into the market.Albury has introduced assorted promotional events which are critical in pulling clients from around the universe and sell Albury as a finish through such events. There are few festivals and events which help Albury in strategic selling. They are as follows:Murray Conservatorium OrchestraArt exhibitionChinese New Year, Christmas and EasterCommunity Wood fired ovenBesides, Albury introduces athleticss activity, amusement, conferences and exhibitions throughout the twelvemonth. This breathtaking festivals and events attract people from around the universe. Peoples sing Albury for such events evidently experience something alone and this in a manner is personal merchandising for the finish through its tourers. On the other manus, in the universe of modern engineering, Albury has introduced an official web site named AlburyWodonga which makes it easier for an person to research Albury, offering him a fuss free experience.

Hence, Albury has assorted agencies through which they market their finish, which are as follows-AdPersonal merchandisingPublic dealingssMain mark markets-The undermentioned represent all mark markets-Visiting friends and relatives-Australia self-praises of a multicultural heritage and consists of a high immigrant population. These immigrants have an extended web of friends, household and relations across the Earth. Hence Australia welcomes a big figure of visitants from across the Earth.Business-This section normally consists of corporate travelers who visit the metropolis to go to conferences and concern events, general concern meetings and activities. International business communities are largely managers of large transnational companies while domestic concern travelers are largely from in and around The Murray part.Vacation or leisure-These tourers visit Albury on a vacation by taking clip out of their busy agendas. Most of the visitants visit Albury for the intent of shopping.

The metropolis hosts go toing events and festivals and has a scope of amusement installations to offer. The metropolis besides has a ample aggregation of eating houses.Developing markets include cultural heritage sites, executing humanistic disciplines, galleries and museums and nature based activities chiefly associated with the Murray River, Lake Hume, Parkss, gardens and militias. On development, it has the possible to pull a new mark market.

Key challenges faced by the business-

Increasing figure of domestic visitants when there is limited market growingTo set up a strong place in the national market topographic pointTo construct industry and community apprehension of the merchandises the metropolis has to offer and its market entreatyInvesting in tactical runsMaximizing returns on money spent in finish sellingTo show a positive image systematicallyFinancing the development of major installations to vie in the market placeTo defy strong competition from finishs puting to a great extent in publicity of touristry and other related installations

Tourism restricting factors-

Limited entree to the Murray RiverLimited scope and quality of merchandises offeredLack of five star adjustmentsLack of handiness of packaged merchandises




An effectual selling scheme or a program in today ‘s fast paced economic system and fight is indispensable to last and to prolong profitableness. The council should acknowledge and exhaustively measure the assorted factors impacting the micro and macro environment to place them in the market and understand the nature of the tourers. Albury is metropolis known for its typical natural beauty with a hustling economic system, a vivacious civilization and apparently eternal picks for leisure and diversion which reflects a multicultural heritage ( Albury Wodonga ) . The council has to execute a comprehensive research on the environmental challenges and of all time altering tendencies faced by the metropolis.

This subdivision of the program will incorporate referenced and relevant information about the current state of affairs in Albury and the cardinal challenges faced by the metropolis. A background scenario foregrounding an overview of touristry in the metropolis will be put forth which will move as a platform to transport out our situational analysis. To explicate a selling scheme, the execution and effectivity of Marketing Information Systems shall be discussed. A spreadsheet will be designed to place relevant countries of scanning and other indispensable environmental information about the current state of affairs that will assist in set uping specific schemes for sustainability.


Local marketTourism has a major function in keeping the societal, cultural and economic plangency of Albury, where the consequence of touristry is non limited to Cafes and eating houses, service sectors and adjustment.

Cardinal findings include ( Albury Tourism Monitor, 2009 ) -There were 342,000 domestic nightlong visitants who stayed for 728,000 darks. The chief intents of sing Albury were to see friends and relations, concern and vacation and leisure. Approximately 121,000 visited friends and relations, 69,000 were in Albury on concern, whereas 119,000 were vacationing in Albury.Approximately 480,000 visited the metropolis on daytrips, therefore bespeaking that it is a popular finish for daytrip visitants, whereas 15,157 International nightlong visitants were in Albury and spent $ 89 per twenty-four hours on an norm.

With the above gathered informations, we can reason that the key markets in Albury are-Visiting friends and relationsBusiness related visitsBusiness events and conferencesGeneral meeting and related activitiesLeisure travel or holidaiesShopingFoodAttending assorted eventsEntertainmentThe above mentioned markets are the major market for nightlong corsets. Averages since 1999 show that about 40 % of the visitants were from Melbourne and 20 % were from Sydney.This metropolis is the 16th most visited regional finish in New South Wales for all intents.Surveies reveal that bulk of tourers stayed two darks.Childs and middle aged profile groups represent the largest population of nightlong visitants.Majority of the tourers utilise private vehicles as their preferable manner of conveyance.The figure of tourers utilizing air conveyance services has bit by bit increased over the period of old ages.Eating out and sing friends and relations are the most popular activities.

The one-year economic impact of touristry in Albury during 2008 were as follows-Tourism Research Australia states that the direct touristry impact calculated was $ 154.7 million which was further analysed utilizing the REMPLAN Economic Modelling Software along with the aid of informations obtained from The Australian Bureau Of Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account to find that the indirect impact of touristry is $ 265.6 million.

Figures indicate that an estimated 4,757 people were employed supported by touristry.The above collected informations reveals the significance of touristry ‘s part to the metropolis ‘s economic activity,National market ( Domestic )In 2009, there was a autumn in the economic value of about 5.4 % and a diminution in domestic visitant darks of 6.3 % .

The domestic touristry sector failed to execute in comparing to the inbound market due to a autumn in economic value to $ 63.5billion ( Salt, 2009 ) . This information was released by Australia ‘s Tourism Forecasting Committee ( TFC ) on 30th December, 2009.Harmonizing to TRA forecast- December 2009 ( Tourism Research Australia ) , an Australian ‘s disposition or natural inclination to go domestically has been worsening of all time since the beginning of the decennary. Figures indicate that there is a drastic dip in the figure of trips per individual as besides of domestic visitant darks and the mean continuance of stay. The domestic touristry ‘s weak public presentation wholly contrasts with the strong growing of the Australian economic system ( Tourism Research Australia ) .

Since over 90 % of domestic travel is conducted by auto, high gasoline monetary values have resulted in loss of fight.The rate of the Australian dollar has lowered the cost of many viing goods every bit good as outbound travel.The recent growing in international air power capacity has pressurised international airfares and box travel ( downward ) . This has increased monetary value fight of outbound travel in relation to domestic travel.

Marketing Information System

“ A Marketing Information System consists of people, equipment and processs to garner, kind, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, seasonably and accurate information to selling determination shapers ” ( Kotler, et all, 1999 ) .The Albury Tourism Monitor is responsible for transporting out the full research procedure by garnering information and populating up to the finish ‘s repute. Information analysts analyse the informations collected which are in the signifier of databases, selling intelligence activities and the selling research procedure, which is so critically evaluated and distributed to the Council, which helps in planning, rating and control. The selling environment can be altered with the aid of selling determinations and communicating by analyzing first manus information and comparing it with the available secondary informations. The assorted procedures involved can be identified looking at the diagram below suggested by Kotler ( 1999 ) .

Beginning Kotler, et Al. 1999, p.142The followers is a model of an industry supported finish selling information system-Background-Developing a strategy-Following audience with the Council, The Albury Tourism Monitor can back timely research and intelligence as a precedence. A squad should be assembled and should be responsible for developing a research scheme that would run into the selling demands of the Council in a cost effectual mode that would offer way to carry on cost effectual selling. It should be formulated in such a manner that it would give rise to a selling program that would reflect the demands and purchasing forms of visitants and would function as a resource for operators seeking to better the quality of their ain concern determinations. It should make a touristry industry that is more informed, frontward looking, client driven, sensitive and respond to the challenges of a altering planetary market.Key stakeholders-In order to fulfill the audiences, a three measure attack can be developed that begins with measuring demands, designation of information beginnings and urging cost effectual solutions.

It should use newer technology- based audience methods ( Wober, 1998 ) . The industry operators should be provided with on-going aid and preparation in choosing information for determination devising.The followers will give us inside informations on stairss that should be taken-Needs assessment-It involves in placing the metropolis ‘s touristry and intelligence demands along with the function of the Council in run intoing those demands.

Current usage of research- The needs assessment procedure should get down with the usage of research and intelligence. Operators should trust on client beginning informations collected.Percepts on research effectiveness- This will give us give us sentiments on the effectivity of bing information.Prioritize information needs- The council should present a inquiry on what information is most needed to the touristry operators and its staff. The council should concentrate on emerging markets and assuring new sections within the market.Specifying functions in the research process- The functions and duties of each individual in the research procedure should be good defined. Attempts should be made in set uping a Research Advisory Council, composed of larger industry participants that have conducted their ain research and are capable of co-ordinating and sharing information with an effectual Research Pricing System.

Inventory of information sources-The research information demands should be exhaustively assessed and should place major information beginnings that might function as a platform to set up a design for a new finish selling information system. There should be maximal handiness of resources and minimal duplicate of attempt.Specification of cardinal research tasks-The concluding stage should seek to urge the most appropriate and effectual solutions for obtaining and presenting high quality information. This should be carried out at an low-cost rate.

Recommendations can be influenced by the degree of involvement expressed by industry spouses.Tracking the current situation-A concern should be good cognizant about its current clients. Information such as basic informations on the figure of visitants, the sum of money spent and activities will supply a starting point for apportioning selling resources and helps in placing the market.

Sufficiently sophisticated informations can supply way as to the sort of merchandises the clients seek across assorted client sections. Changes in nature and demand of touristry can be efficaciously monitored if such information is tracked over a period of clip.The followers will assist in tracking the current state of affairs of Albury-To recycle informations from national and international travel studiesTo roll up and analyze informations from toll-free line and visitant service CentresTo recycle, standardise and describe available touristry activity indexsTracking visitant satisfactionMonitoring international public presentationConducting one-year provincial touristry operator studiesMeasuring travel incentivesTrial and outgo Numberss become valuable combined with informations that explains why the clients visited the finish and their experience ( Woodside et. Al, 1985 ) . It offers penetrations into merchandises and experiences to be used in selling. Its will state us about the merchandises valued by cardinal penchant groups. These characteristics are cheap, offer first-class chances to increase profitableness. The following are the cardinal activities suggested for mensurating motive.

Reprocess information provided by toll- free linesTo recycle secondary research studiesDrawn-out primary research on trip motivation factorsCollect primary informations from attractive forces in the metropolisEstablish partnerships with research organisationsTo garner competitory intelligenceCompetitive intelligence provides information on different schemes and actions of assorted rivals ( Grabowski, 1986 ) . It helps the organisation to develop an appropriate response and will move as a beginning of advanced thoughts for effectual selling. The undermentioned activities will turn to competitory intelligence needs-To place our direct rivalsTo supervise so invariablyGather intelligence informationsCompile studies and supply them to identify audiencesMonitor attempts of other finishs in the Murray partTo acknowledge new opportunities-Consumer gustatory sensations differ over clip and with rising income, more broad travel policies and better conveyance, the touristry market ne’er stagnates, but evolves over clip, therefore making chances for travel sellers. Therefore supervising marketing tendencies will assist in making so by placing countries of turning demand.

The undermentioned activities will assist in supervising tendencies and placing new opportunities-To carry on a thorough scan of the environmentReanalyse the secondary informations availableConduct a study of different circuit operators to place chancesTo place moneymaking market chancesTo place emerging market chancesTo measure selling activities-Measuring selling activities would assist the council in finding in which programmes to go on with and the 1s to fling. It would profit single operators in make up one’s minding selling programmes. The following are proposed to better the rating of the Council ‘s selling activities-Create common and standardized rating toolsPre testing of new selling constructsTo supervise industry satisfactionTo guarantee support for the proposed research programme, it is indispensable that the touristry operators be on a regular basis and consistently consulted. Consultation should be done both anterior and post the Destination Marketing Information System is implemented.

The consequences should be presented to both public and private sectors to guarantee transparence.To mensurate return on investingTo mensurate return on investings, methods like consciousness trailing, transition surveies and image trailing could be used.Environmental Scanning System ( ESS ) is a procedure, where necessary informations appraising the present market environment to expect possible tendencies and promotional thoughts are gathered ( Kotler, 1999 ) . The Albury Council should implement a well defined environmental scanning system to acknowledge the current environment and implement them for better selling anticipations. The procedure should be uninterrupted and should be carried out with a systematic attack.Identify all the relevant forces in the environment and gather available information.This includes external forces such as political relations, legal issues, societal, economic and technological factors and internal factors such as finance, organisational competences, human and fiscal resources and outlooks of stakeholders which should be carefully examined.The top direction in the council should find assorted beginnings of information, which include-Descrying and surveillance should be lawfully carried out and should be ethical in natureRecording personal experiences of travel agents, sales representative and other directors and employeesOther external beginnings such as Bankss, other rivals, assorted providers, tourers and documented recordsResearch by experts and other advisersInterviews, meetings, conferences, etcBeginnings that could be really utile in this process are newspapers, studies, books, articles and diariesTelevision and wireless would maintain us updated on a regular footingPublications by universities and industrial and trade publicationsValid information can be obtained from assorted files, past databases and paperssIn today ‘s universe, one of the best beginnings of information is the cyberspaceThe council should delegate a little squad for informations garnering from appropriate beginnings.

The informations assemblage program should be implemented and the squad assigned should be responsible for mensurating the credibleness of the informations collected.The collected informations should be analysed and used efficaciously in explicating the selling program.The informations collected should be up to day of the month and should include updated facts and figures.Spreadsheet-FactorBeginnings TO BE USEDTimingRESPONSIBLITIES


SuppliersAirline ServiceHotelRestaurantsLand operationsDestination ( Albury ) amusement, installationsDaily footingService StaffManagement squadSupply Chain ManagerAccountantMarketing Service bureausAd bureausPublic relation bureausMailDaily footingService staffManagement squadAccountantTransportation system systemAirline CompaniesRoad TransportDaily footingStaffManagement squadAccountant


POLITICALUnited States security pactANZAC PactEconomic dealingss trade understandingFree trade understandingAnnuallyMerchandise ManagerService staffECONOMICInternetNewspaperInflation ratePrimary informationsSecondary informationsBank ( Interest rates, Currency exchange rates )Internal databaseUnemployment ratesDailyFinancial DepartmentService StaffAccountantData Analyst DirectorsMerchandise ManagerSOCIALWodonga CouncilChambers of CommerceAlbury CentralMurray Regional Tourism OrganisationTourism NSWTourism VictoriaEvents NSW and Business Events NSWAnnuallyMerchandise ManagerService StaffRelative AgenciesDemographicAge, gender, nationality, instruction and income degreesDietary penchantsConsumer behavioural propertiesReligion ( life styles, value systems )CultureAnnuallyService StaffDirectorsHR sectionProject development sectionTECHNOLOGICALAutomation of everyday activitiesWeekly footingTechnology DepartmentRelated AgenciesService StaffMerchandise development squadImproved communicating and cognition transportationCommunication engineeringInternet ( e-ticketing, web sites, check-in services, e- banking )Promotion in transit engineeringECOLOGICALRenewable Energy ResourcesFortnightly footingMerchandise DirectorsFinish DirectorsService StaffEnvironmental sustainabilityPollution controlGlobal Warming/ Carbon emanationsLEGALGeneral understanding on duties and tradeLicensing systemMonthly footingLaw AdviserMerchandise DirectorsTravel policies ( inbound & A ; outbound )Regulations ( advertisement, safety & A ; wellness )



E.L Analysis ( Situational Analysis )


Tourism Research Australia states that from the late 90 ‘s, Albury funded external organisations to develop and ease growing of touristry.Datas from Tourism Research Australia indicates that there was a crisp diminution in nightlong touristry trial between the old ages, 2005-2009.December 2009- Resolution by the council to drive growing and development of touristry in the metropolisIn audience with the industry, the council developed the 2010-2013 Tourism and Destination Marketing Strategy, which acts as a route map and provides a clear way to increase part to the local economic system with the primary aim of increasing figure of tourers.Holistic industry position on the part of touristry to Albury ‘s economic system and other industry tendenciesMajor accomplishments in the past 12 months, which include-Continued operation of the Visitor ‘s Information CentreDistribution of difficult transcript and on-line information stuffHosting national sporting and cultural eventsStrengthened ties with industry groups and stakeholdersOngoing selling and promotional activities at every degreeUse of societal media to publicize Albury and the attractive forces it offersMember of major concern, events and touristry organic structures which include, Murray Tourism Regional Board, Accredited Visitor ‘s Information Centre, Australian Regional Tourism Network, etcIntroduction of the Tourism Partner Programme which proved popular amongst local and regional touristry concerns with 98 spouses, including 27 new membersThe production and launch of the 3rd Albury Wodonga Official Visitor ‘s Guide, which is used as the nucleus selling piece for all touristry activitiesMajor ascents to the Albury Railway station precinct and new parking installationsAttending assorted conferences, meetings and concern eventsHosting industry workshops to better industry cognition and merchandises offeredFamiliarization of cardinal touristry assets to the industry services co-ordinatorPresentations to assorted groups to give an overview on touristry in Albury

Political factors-

Australia ranked 3rd in the universe for political stableness and is regarded as holding a really low hazard of political instability ( IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2010 ) .

One of the most of import political factors endangering travelers to see Australia is the menace of terrorist onslaughts. Since Australia supports the U.S in ‘war against terrorist act ‘ , it makes it a hot topographic point for terrorist onslaughts. Any such menace has a direct impact on the cordial reception industry. But, statistics province that despite such menaces, people do non forbear from sing the state. The authorities has pushed strong anti-terrorism Torahs in order to keep Australia ‘s image as a safe travel environment ( Travel and Tourism Australia, 2006 ) .

Racist onslaughts in Australia are a major issue that needs to be tackled. Racist public violences on Sydney beaches in 2005 are an illustration of such onslaughts that adversely affect the political environment of the travel industry. States like U.K, Canada, etc. posted out warnings to people sing going to the state.A really strong relation exists between Australia and New Zealand due to extended political battle.Constitution of assorted policies and processs for sound hazard directionThe public presentation of Australia ‘s touristry industry depends a batch on political stableness in other states and therefore attempts in keeping a planetary peaceful environment.The formation of Tourism Australia in 2004 reflects the authorities ‘s accent on growing of touristry without damaging the environment and is the Federal Government Statutory authorization that is responsible for domestic every bit good as international selling.

Economic factors-

The cardinal economic factors act uponing touristry in Australia are as follows-Economic prosperity in other states is straight relative to the touristry industry in Australia. If other states are economically comfortable, people will hold higher disbursement power and are more likely to come to Australia. Due to general recession in the universe economic system, the growing rate of the touristry industry in Australia is traveling at a snail ‘s gait. Due to this people have spent less while touring the state. Other finishs are like Honk Kong and Singapore are deriving popularity since flights are cheaper and travel clip is relatively less while going to Australia.Despite the general recession, the economic system of Australia has been ranked as one of the most resilient in the universe with economic conditions better than most other states. Currently, Australia is in a place to put more in advancing touristry to international tourers.

Gradual economic recovery from the impact of inundations and cyclones ( Reserve Bank of Australia )Explanation for decreased consumer outgo ( Lim et. Al ) -Delaying purchases due to upcoming failing in the economic activityUnemployment or fright of possible occupation lossPeoples prefer to unclutter debts instead than passing on travel

Socio-cultural factors ( Tourism Australia Report ) –

Most of the travelers were non bundle circuit visitantsThe most popular activities preferred by tourers were shopping, sing beaches and H2O athletics activities.There has been a crisp diminution in the figure of visitants from the Asia-Pacific part, but an addition in the figure of visitants from Europe, New Zealand and Korea.About 50 % of the tourers came for holidaying, 20 % for sing friends and relations, about 20 % for concern intents and the remainder 10 % for educational intents.Australia has a really diverse population. A broad scope of people from different civilizations and states have settled in Australia for good. Due to reach with friends and relatives all over the universe, the touristry industry is pulling more tourers from abroad.

Due to important Chinese colonies, visitants come from all over the universe to witness Chinese New Year jubilations in the months of January and February. Easter and Christmas excessively bring in a batch of tourers.

Technological factors-

For touristry to be in a peculiar finish, it should hold good substructure.

Since Australia is a developed economic system, usage of hi-tech equipments has facilitated first-class substructure ( Wikipedia ) .The growing and popularity of cyberspace and E-commerce have greatly influenced the touristry industry. This has greatly helped in advancing Australia as a finish. Most of the visitants use the cyberspace site to obtain information about Australia ( Tourism Australia ) . It offers hassle free experience to happen relevant information related to popular finishs, flight engagements, hotel adjustment, etc. E-commerce enables easy on-line payment, while internet aids in engagement and arrangement of trips.Availability of high tech multimedia leisure and high amusement shows us the promotion of engineering, but this is holding a negative impact on touristry and the domestic touristry industry as they are losing out to jump options available.

Environmental factors-Australia is really good known for its rich biodiversity, but many animate beings and workss are falling quarry to habitat change and predation from introduced species.Biological diverseness and ecosystems are affected due to the agriculture methods which has lead to dry land salt and H2O scarceness in different parts of Australia. Tourism has affected the environment and Australia ‘s H2O beginnings.Albury is a inundation prone country which can move as an obstruction to the growing of touristry in Albury. It was hit by inundations in January-February 2012 ( Ministry of Police and Emergency Services ) .

Legal factors-

There is an of all time increasing fright that Australia would be hit by a possible terrorist onslaught, which has led to strict visa processs. Similar is the instance in most other states all over the universe.

This is one of the major concerns of the touristry industry. The paperss required for a tourer visa have increased and has become a fuss for most of the travelers. Therefore, tourers opt to go to states that offer visas without any fuss and avoid increasing formalities and certification.It is a large challenge for the touristry industry to turn without adversely impacting the environment, therefore refering the touristry industry.

Global factors-

International travelers from the traditional markets preferred remaining at place, while a record figure of Australians benefitted from the high rate of the dollar to head overseas. This was the consequence of the prevalent planetary fiscal crisis.



Target Market Analysis:

Target Market Analysis is all client oriented, since touristry is on such industry wherein you need to hold complete analysis of your clients as what their demands, demand and desire are. It is all about analysing and placing your mark audience and than concentrating your selling activities in such a manner that you non merely carry through the demands and demands of your mark audience but besides maintain them satisfied.

An effectual analysis will assist you in maintaining all your resources ready with low cost which in bend will give you high returns and benefit as a whole. For the on-going development, mark market analysis is indispensable and sustains your place for the peculiar finish. Since the universe is traveling on gait the demands, demands and desire of a human being are of all time altering and of all time increasing so it is indispensable that the mark market analysis is conducted at regular intervals and follow the ‘inn ‘ thing for your mark audience in order to give them a all new experience even on their repeated visits.The Australians have already predisposed its mark audience with a assortment in the societal and economic chances, as a consequence of which the tourer are more likely to remain longer, pass more and disperse to other regional countries furthermore protecting the cherished environment and the niche cultural resources. The communicating is clear at all degrees, the authorities has to do certain that all the above standard ‘s are met without haltering female parent Earth.

Investings, direction and advanced systems will assist in making sustainable, productive and liveable lives in and around the metropolis and all this can be monitored with changeless and steady productive policy aims. New steps like varied life style, energy efficient ways of life, convenient and low-cost ways of support demands to be adopted which consist of human capital and every human being taking portion in the public assistance of the society through proper preparation, instruction and appropriate occupations fiting to the individual ‘s accomplishment besides smooth ‘s the advancement with suited lodging, being less dependent on private vehicles and C usage alternatively choosing for public conveyance and last but non the least developing a sense of re-thinking in the advancement of the metropoliss and communities.Albury is one the greatest attractive forces in Australia and plays a large function in the part of touristry for the metropolis every bit good as addition the part and flow on the benefits that comes across and acknowledge the metropolis as the best tourer visited country. In order to construct itself as a taking regional finish for concern, relaxation, diversion and featuring along with cultural and nature based experience, amusement and shopping, Albury is taking strong attempts in understanding the mark audience. They have adopted many ways in order to maintain their mark audience satisfied such as bettering the visitant ‘s experience, involve the industry ‘s engagement in the selling activities, exceed the outlooks of the visitant, give high quality of service, offer individualized service, facilitate recreational events like featuring, cultural events etc. Research and analysis is the chief intent in touristry which is really good taken attention by Albury.

Market cleavage

The consequence of touristry is non, merely limited to remain, cafe , eating houses or sight – seeing but it is connected with the personal experience, feeling and emotion that the visitant devotes towards the topographic point, therefore understanding the characteristic and the nature of the mark audience is every bit household and of import. The cardinal market for touristry in Albury is for concern meetings, conference, run intoing friends, vacations, shopping.

Target market procedure

Potential market:

By and large the cardinal mark market which cater to Albury, Wodonga along with their touring manner, features are all noted to derive the in – deepness cognition on the visitant. Normally households who come down for tour seek for security, dependability. They are the pre – contrivers and necessitate elaborate information on the class in order to maintain their vacation agenda crystal clear on the other manus there are some who seek for good quality and value for money at the same clip. These people are normally good versed with the engineering and current events occurrences so they like to experiment with new things in and around. Another section is the concern people, who fly down for meetings, concern events, conference meetings etc. They by and large look for authoritative adjustment / stay. They like to see unagitated topographic points and more focal point on their work and remain off from experimentation.

Importance of Target Market Process

Target Market Process has tactical importance for the fact that it helps in concentrating and understanding the demands and demands of its expected or possible mark market. They can be after out a proper program of action which they can follow for a peculiar section and accomplish their end.Target Market Process allows conveying in betterments in the countries where they are missing and churn out the unneeded things from their program and replace it with the popular and demanding actions for the possible audience. Due to this an appraisal of the hereafters audience can be made and the chance of the visitant to revisit the topographic point can be calculated.Proper apprehension of the possible mark market will assist in making an efficient and effectual selling program to drive the topographic point as visitant friendly.

The most of import ground of mark market procedure is that it helps in salvaging unneeded use of the stuffs and capital. Hence this helps in turning the income for the finish with less of investings.However possible market analysis is done in order to get enhanced cognition of the wants and needs in footings of merchandise and services of the market:

Domestic Business Traveler:

Albury metropolis is located in New South Wales and is situated 590 kilometer from Sydney and merely 300 kmA from Melbourne. Beautiful Albury metropolis is situated on the Northern Bankss of Murray River and is the 2nd largestA inland metropolis inA New South Wales furthermore sitsA on the New South Wales – VictoriaA border.A It is indeedA a beautifulA topographic point to see which isA easy accessibleA via, A route, A rail orA air. A Albury airdrome is onlyA 4 kilometer from Albury.

A Albury railA entree is via Albury railroad station on the chief Sydney -A Melbourne railroad line.A Road entree to AlburyA is via theA HumeA main road.Since Albury is a tourer attractive force, itsA adjustment is spread far and broad around the metropolis. A It caters infinite to varies concern travel, nightlong reps andA household vacation flat adjustment trades. The Murray River besides sites good infinite forA wilderness treks, A bushwalking andA horseA riding.A It organizes manyA sporting, museum visits in and around the metropolis and the fantastic Ettamogah Wildlife Sanctuary which is worth seeing all requiresA immense accommodation.

A AlsoA AlburyA has adjustment for theA wine town of Corowa, celebrated for the Lindemans Wine trade name. Clubs and hotels with great nutrients and unrecorded musicA or unrecorded amusement shows are some of the forte of metropolis Albury.

International Business and leisure Travelers:

Quest Albury is the ideal diversion, loosen uping and rejuvenating finish in Albury which offers 104 non smoke suites for concern or leisure adjustment and touting Albury ‘s merely 4 1/2 star adjustments in the metropolis Centre.It offers studio, one, two and three sleeping room flats with full kitchens and wash installations. On-site eating house, Q Manhattans, offering breakfast, tiffin and dinner, every bit good as a tappa saloon to loosen up with a cocktail in the eventides is all that you get to enjoy at Quest Albury. To finish your stay Quest Albury besides features endota twenty-four hours spa onsite, where you can see the best, seventh cranial nerves and organic structure interventions.Quest Albury is the closest adjustment locale to the Albury Entertainment Centre.

Particular adjustment is available in instance of conference at the Albury Entertainment Centre. Besides the long term, hebdomadal and nightly adjustment is provided with the best quality services. Quest Albury acts as one great finish because you can see Queen street Mall, South Bank, Queensland executing Art Centre, Museum, Casino, River Walkway in a short distance and take most possible advantage from this vacation.

Adventure Traveler:

Albury is handed unit of ammunition by aA web of on-road and off-road trails which allows bicyclers and Walkers to travel unreservedly with a safe and gratifying agencies of researching the metropolis. As you travel more and more you tend to larn about metropolis ‘s history, wath Murray flow yesteryear, refresh at Albury Swim Centre, relax with a cup of java at the river Deck Cafe or discover adventuresome resort area.Or if you wish to see the overview of Albury, all you can make is download an ‘Albury Trail Map ‘ which will dwell elaborate information on travel usher, client services and topographic points in and around. Some of the major athleticss that you can seek at Albury are:Sky Diving


Nirvana ski skate

Para seafaring

Underwater circuit

River side encampment


Types of Tourist

Tourism acts as an of import subscriber to the state ‘s growing, but the existent ground behind this growing are the tourers who build a relationship with their clients and demo them the beauty of the peculiar metropolis they represent. Tourists are the 1 who help in placing the topographic point.

In a metropolis like Albury, tourists play a important function since the humanistic disciplines, historical topographic points and museums convey their ain narrative, which is untold to the universe, but tourers let us understand and portion the in-depth cognition about the memorials in an interesting manner. However everyone specializes in peculiar genre and cater to different Fieldss. Hence below mentioned are the types of tourers:

International concern tourers:

International concern tourers do keep an disposed place and market themselves in a certain manner. The general age group that is found is 26 to 58. Both male and female are reasonably associated with this concern. The length of the stay depends on the program but normally it ‘s someplace around a hebdomad or 3-4 yearss.

They by and large deal with Business delegates, either senior directors of president of transnational companies who drop in for concern work. Basically originated from United Kingdom, Unites States, China, Japan and New Zealand and earn more than 40000 $ per annum. The tourer holds a maestro grade or sheepskin holder in that peculiar field since this helps them covering with the concern delegates swimmingly. Mostly Conference room concern and cyber sofa are used in order to carry on meetings.

Domestic concern tourers:

Domestic Business Tourist by and large come from the age group of 25 to 57 old ages and males by and big dominate here than females. Again the domestic concern tourer trades with the concern delegates, either senior directors or president of transnational companies who come down for conference meeting which normally lasts for a hebdomad or 4-5 yearss.

They are good versed with the domestic countries since they origin from New South Wales, Victoria and Melbourne. Their one-year wage can be more than 60000 $ per annum and keep a qualified maestro grade or sheepskin in the peculiar field. The normal demands for this sector includes conference suites, concern Centres, cyber sofas and free parking tickets.

Leisure Tourists:

Leisure tourers can besides be called local tourer, since they deal with groups who come down for leisure activities, diversion, relaxation and unagitated holiday. By and large the age group consist of 21 to 45 old ages with equal figure of males and females who act as tourer. The crowd in this class comes for a long holiday which can last for more than a hebdomad or as per the person ‘s demands or desire so, any group draw a bead oning for long foliages come under this class. The tourer here may or may non be extremely qualified ; nevertheless they gain good cognition about the topographic point and can give in-depth information on the attractive forces.

However they earn 32000 to 40000 $ per annum and have good resonance with dining eating houses, watering place, dark nines which are really good enjoyed by the crowd.

Families with kids:

The tourers who deal with households and kids range between 25 to 50 old ages and male, female and sometimes babies acts as a tourer for this class. Position differs from single to single since the households and friends fly down for relaxation, diversion Tourss, sing friends or relations so the tourer has demands for kids playing installations, games room or athleticss sofa so the merriment is all alive which gives them the income of more than 50000 $ per annum. The tourers are good qualified in the several field from which they learn the tactics of act uponing people at big.

Adventure tourer:

The mean age group of Adventure Tourist ranges from 21 to 40. Again males dominate here than that of female. Peoples by and large come here for escapade activities and remain more than a hebdomad. The general demands are forests diversion, H2O athleticss and visitant information Centre which gives them the earning of 20000 $ or more per annum. Besides the tourer may or may non be good qualified to be an Adventure tourer, nevertheless thorough cognition about the country is compulsory and maintain his visitants satisfied.



Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a really of import portion of the strategic planning procedure for any concern. Competitor analysis helps the organisation in many ways. It helps the organisation to understand its competitory advantage or disadvantage compared to its cardinal rivals.

It helps in understanding the rivals past, present and most significantly their hereafter selling schemes.Kotler, Bowen, & A ; Makens, ( 2006 ) describes competitory analysis as analysis of the premier strengths and failing with schemes every bit good as aims. The chief rule is to happen out what the rival is supplying to its clients, where and how they are marketing its merchandise. The consequence of competitve analysis can be really helpful for the future growing and development of the concern.Davidson ( 1997 ) has describes how the beginnings of the rivals information can be grouped into three classs.aˆ?A Recorded information: A Recorded information such as one-year studies, newspaper articles, merchandise booklets are easy available from the internal or external beginnings.aˆ?A Discernible statistics: This requires happening the information actively and piecing it form different beginnings. An illustration of it would be rivals pricing.

aˆ?A Opportunist information: To obtain this information requires a batch of planning and organisation. This information largely comes with treatment from the providers, clients etc.

Need for competitory analysis and usefulness to concern

Competitive analysis gives the concern the chance to better in the countries like client service, selling of its merchandises etc. It helps the concern comparison its merchandise to its rivals before doing any selling or promotional determinations which in bend will salvage money.Competitive analysis will assist the concern toHave a realistic position of your competition.Calculate the demand and the supply of the market.

Identify the ways in which the concern attracts its clients.Make betterment in concern practises.It will besides give the following about its ain concernWhat are the rivals ‘ merchandises that compare to your merchandiseWhat advantages do your merchandise have over the rivals merchandiseWhat disadvantages do your merchandise have over the rivals merchandiseHarmonizing to Kotler & A ; Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, ( 1960 ) there 7 P ‘s of selling mix, they are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence. Competitor analysis can act upon these 7 ‘s selling mix as followsMerchandise: Albury is a little town but still it offers a broad scope of merchandises. The merchandises include adjustment, film Centres, art galleries, botanical garden, hill militias, heritage edifices etc. As the metropolis council already cognize what are the merchandises they offer competitory analysis helps them to analyze the merchandises of their rivals.

Monetary value: Competitive analysis besides helps them find the pricing schemes for its touristry merchandises offered by the council. They could make up one’s mind on the pricing depending upon the pricing of its rivals and make a cost leading over its rivals.Topographic point: Competitive analysis helps to find what the topographic points of attractive forces are offered by its rivals. This can assist them to make up one’s mind the topographic point which they want to market to the tourer.Promotion: Promotion is an of import portion of selling. How you promote your merchandise can make up one’s mind the figure of tourer sing the finish. By running a competitory analysis the concern can measure the publicity schemes of its rivals and come up with their ain.

Peoples: It is the people who deliver the service. Peoples have to be trained to offer exceeding service to the invitees. Competitive analysis helps them to analyze the methods of preparation which the rivals use to develop their people.Procedure: The bringing of service is the most of import portion of the service. Competitive analysis helps to make an effectual service bringing to its clients.Physical Evidence: Physical grounds includes transit installations, substructure, clime etc. Competitive analysis helps to find what we are missing in footings of transit, substructure and better on those installations harmonizing to our rivals.

Degree of Competition

Albury as a tourer finish has two degree of competition, Internal and External. Albury falls in the Murray Region of New South Wales, Australia so the internal competition includes the metropoliss and towns in the Murray part and external includes the other towns and metropoliss in other part of New South Wales.

Internal Rivals

Albury falls in Murray part of New South Wales. Albury is one of the biggest tourer finishs in the Murray part of New South Wales. The Internal rivals of Albury are Echuca-Moama and Corowa.Echuca-Moama is besides a really popular finish in the Murray part.It has many popular tourer merchandises on offer. You can research the parts rich and diverse history in of the many museums that are at that place in the metropolis.

It besides has the historic port of Echuca. The other merchandises on offer are Equus caballus equitation, travel karting, H2O skiing, and mini golf. The tourer can besides see the zoology park or take an eco-tour through the wetlands.

Echuca-Moama besides has the universe ‘s largest runing fleet of Paddle soft-shell clams in the World.The other major finish in the country is the town of Corowa. Corowa has many local attractive forces which includes the Murray Banks Yabby Farm, Savernake Eco-heritage Tour or the Gallery 294.

There is besides a museum called the Max ‘s Motor Museum which has vintage autos on show.

External Rivals

The State of New divided in to 13 parts including the Murray part. The parts are Blue Mountain, Capital Country, Central Coast, Central New South Wales, The Hunter, The Murray, New England North West, Mid North Coast New South Wales, Northern River, Outback, Riverine, Snowy Mountain, and South Coast Region. Each part has different types of tourer finishs and attractive forces.

But these metropoliss can non be direct rivals to Albury as the merchandises they offer are wholly different to the merchandises offered by Albury metropolis.

Strengths and Weakness Analysis


Albury is the biggest metropolis in the Murray part. The location of the metropolis is its biggest advantage. It has near propinquity to the Murray River, Lake Hume and the other associated H2O classs. It is besides located on the Hume main road and is the chief rail corridor between Melbourne and Sydney. The airdrome in Albury has services to bigger metropoliss like Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Albury has a close propinquity to snowfields, nutrient and vino parts and national Parkss.

Albury has a rich and diverse economic system. It is dominated by retail, fabrication and touristry industry. The Albury metropolis council plays a important function in supplying touristry installations and promotional resources. Albury has 460 hectares of park which in includes a Botanical garden which is every bit large as four hectares.

There is art gallery, a war commemoration and a acting humanistic disciplines Centre which is funded by the Albury metropolis council.Albury has a strong clean civilization with links to national organic structures. It has universe category sporting installations which include an athletic composite and a hockey academy. The installations are capable of hosting local and national degree events.The Albury metropolis council has developed a elaborate strategic selling program for the development of touristry which has led to the addition in the tourer. ( Albury metropolis council, 2010 )All these factors contribute to the competitory advantage to Albury.


Every merchandise has its strengths and failing so does a finish.

The chief failing of Albury is the ageing touristry related substructure and the touristry merchandise. Albury does non hold a sing five star rated hotel which is a major drawback for the growing of touristry in the metropolis. The touristry merchandises offered by the metropolis are less compared to its rivals and are non up to the expected quality criterions. There are really few bivouacing manner adjustments near the Murray River. The attack towards the merchandise development is traditional and old, which needs to be changed.These are some of the highlighted failing of Albury.



LocationHistoric deficiency of selling scheme and successful executionRich and Diverse EconomyLack of 5 star adjustmentExtensive touristry and general selling, direction and strategic planning expertnessAging touristry related substructure and adjustment merchandiseAlbury City Council committedness to the growing and development of the economic system, andacknowledgment of the value of touristry.Limited scope and quality of touristry merchandise

Market placement:

Positioning the product-service mix is a extremely valuable tool for finishs ; nevertheless this can be a hard undertaking to carry through. Positioning involves careful consideration of the touristry merchandise and the visitants ‘experience and outlooks. It is of import that that the selling organisation places the finish in the consumer ‘s head, so that the visitant ‘s experience meets their outlooks. In order to place a finish ‘service mix successfully, a clearly perceived image must be established in the consumer ‘s head sing the benefits offered by the finish and how the finish ‘s product-service mix can be differentiated from other finishs. The aim is to give the consumer a positive image of the finish and is linked with stigmatization.

Albury uses many tools to place itself in the touristry market.It is efficaciously marketing its touristry merchandises to derive an competitory advantage. It uses media like booklets, websites bundle Tourss to advance itself.

The Australian touristry board besides promotes Albury on its web site.Asbury ‘s rivals use similar tools and techniques to advance and place itself in the tourer market.

Plans of Albury to derive competitory advantage in future

In order to prolong in the market every tourer finish has to be after a selling scheme. To derive competitory advantage Albury will utilize the undermentioned schemes.

Establish a high quality visitant information Centre which will supply professional information service to the tourers. Well trained staff will run the information Centres in order to deriv

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