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Last updated: June 21, 2019

The Importance of Literature Review            Literature research is an academic form of writing that includes research on current findings about the topic provided, as well as methodological or theoretical findings related to the topic in hand.

The literature research is usually a second finding on information already gathered up just brought together to convey a certain message. It is the standard basis for research in almost all academic fields. This is due to their preciseness and accuracy in provision of adequate and sufficient information as required.            One of the major benefits of conducting literature research is to convey a certain message clearly to your particular audience. Once you create a sense of rapport with your readers or audience, it is easy for them to understand that you have conducted your assignment in a diligent manner. This way, they can be able to award you with marks accordingly.

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Depending on every paper requirements, you can be able to make it clear to your audience that through the reviews provided, you have been able to perform due diligence on a research even if you were not in a position to know all that the research required. The effort goes a long way.            Another is the fact that it helps to avoid plagiarism.

Say that you write your own work without a literature review and publish it to the world only to realize that the topics you’ve talked about are similar to those produced by others relating to the same subject. Literature review helps in tackling cases where one paper might be similar to another. This way originality is maintained and achieved. Also, literature review helps you on focusing and finding appropriate resources through evaluation, choice and condensation of your material.

There might be numerous resources out there that can be used in literature review. By understanding the topic, one can be able to do better reviews yielding better results. 

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